September 27, 2021  

Introducing Logan Michael

Our son made his debut one month ago and I’m popping in to “officially” share the good news! Come meet Logan Michael, the sweetest addition to our family.

Meet Little Logan

We welcomed our son to the world on August 24 – right on schedule! Logan Michael was born at 7:35 a.m. via a scheduled repeat c-section and we sure think he’s perfect in every way.

Logan weighed in a 6 lbs 12 oz at birth, exactly a pound less than Chloe did. Our little peanut was swimming in his newborn clothes at first, but he’s been a champ at nursing and is quickly filling out those tiny clothes!

Logan’s Birth Day

Everything at the hospital went according to plan with us arriving at 5 a.m. and holding our baby just a couple of short hours later. I cannot believe how quickly we were in and out of the operating room and back in our room holding our sweet baby boy.

The only surprise was learning that Logan was breech as he was being delivered (this was never a concern during my pregnancy). But everything went great!

Our experience was much more calm and enjoyable this time around. With Chloe, I was induced at 41 weeks and ended up having a c-section following 34-ish hours of labor. By the time she was born, I was so exhausted that I have little memory of those first moments with her and I fell asleep for several hours right afterward so I missed some of those precious firsts. It was so nice to be able to soak everything in this time!

Choosing A Name

We had no problem coming up with girl names for our daughter, but boy names were really tough for us! We finally narrowed our list down to two top contenders in those final few weeks. It wasn’t until our early morning drive to the hospital that we officially agreed on Logan’s name!

We wanted a name that went well with Chloe and wasn’t too trendy and after a lot of deliberating, Logan rose to the top of our list.

The middle name was an easy choice for us since it’s a family name on both sides – David’s middle name is Michael, his dad’s first name is Michael, and my dad and brother both have Michael as their middle name as well.

Adjusting To Being A Family Of 4

Because of the pandemic, children were not allowed to visit the hospital so we introduced Chloe to her baby brother via video chat. She turns 4 this fall and is at a really fun age to welcome a baby to the family. She’s fully embraced her big sister role and it’s the sweetest thing to see her showering him with love.

This first month has gone well and we’re loving having Logan in the family! We’ve all settled into a routine now with Logan sleeping a bit better at night, Chloe going to daycare every day, and David back at work full time.

My c-section recovery has been really smooth, though I do still have to be careful how much I do in a day because if I try to do too much I end up with terrible back and abdominal pain. It’s definitely improving and I’m able to be up and moving around a lot more now five weeks post-surgery.

I’m taking 12 weeks off for maternity leave and then I’ll be heading back to work full-time so that transition will be a big one coming up in November. Until then, I’ll be laying low and soaking in all of this precious time with our sweet boy.

Thank you for all of your love for Logan and support during my entire pregnancy. Y’all are the best community around!

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