June 27, 2022  

Your Favorite Organizing & Home Products In June

I share a lot of home and organization products on social media and in blog posts each month and it’s always fun to look back and see what things were popular links. These were your favorite products for the month of June!

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June Favorites

  1. Label Maker – I use my label maker for so many things! It’s quick to design labels with the app and it connects to my phone wirelessly for fast labels anywhere I need them. I recently shared how I use it to label chargers and cables in this Reel. I also have blog posts about how I used it to label water bottles and label baby bottles.
  2. Uproot Lint Remover – I’ve picked up an embarrassing amount of dog hair from our carpets with this gadget! And that’s after my usual vacuuming. Watch my Reel to see how much hair I removed from our stairs.
  3. The Home Edit All-Purpose Bin With Divider – This line of clear organizing bins is one of my favorites because they are high quality and can be used literally everywhere.
  4. Cricut Joy – I love using my Cricut Joy to create pretty vinyl labels for my organizing projects. It’s also so useful for greeting cards and quick crafts!
  5. Magnetic Cable Ties – These are super affordable and really handy for keeping your cords and chargers neatly wrapped up. I tried out a bunch of cord organization ideas recently and these have become a must-have for me.
  6. Canvas Door Organizer – Adding this door organizer in Chloe’s room has given her the perfect spot to store all of her stuffies and treasures. Take a look at it in this blog post and this Reel.
  7. Stackers Hanging Toiletry Bag – This is a great size for hair products and the elastics inside are so nice for holding everything in place. It also comes with a clear bag for your liquids if you’re flying, and it has a hook so you can hang it on a towel hook or shower rod at the hotel. Get a better look at it in this Reel.
  8. Kitchen Bin – My all-time favorite bin! The bin is sized to perfectly fit the depth of an upper kitchen cabinet and I’ve used it in basically every room of the house. It really is the perfect size for almost anything!
  9. Expandable, Kink-Free Hose – I shared this in Instagram Stories the other day and apparently we all hate our heavy garden hoses! So many of you loved this lightweight hose and I’m right there with you–no more fighting with kinks! This is probably my favorite purchase of the month.
  10. Fabric Steamer – I recently used this to steam my new curtains in the dining and living rooms and when I went to find the link to it, Amazon told me I bought it way back in 2015! It’s small so easy to store and carry around the house for getting wrinkles out of curtains, linens and clothing.
  11. Stackers Weekender Travel Bag – This beautiful tote bag has so many perfectly-placed pockets. I LOVE the two interior pockets for water bottles (also great for sunscreen bottles or umbrellas). There are small pockets for your phone and chapstick, a padded pocket for your laptop, and even a separate compartment on the bottom for shoes or dirty laundry!
  12. Drawer Liner – I use this removable wallpaper as drawer liner in our kitchen drawers and cabinets. It’s very inexpensive and the pattern is really fun! Take a tour of our kitchen drawer organization here.

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And click here to check out top links from past months.

Have a fantastic day!

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