February 25, 2022  

The Pro’s Secret For Keeping Drawer Organizers From Sliding Around

Do your drawer organizers slide around? If your silverware tray is always shifting when you open and close the drawer, you need this hack! Let me show you how Museum Gel can help hold your drawer organizers in place.

hand holding museum gel above kitchen drawer

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If you’re always annoyed by your drawer organizers sliding around whenever you open or close the drawer, I have just the thing for you!

Stop your silverware trays and drawer organizers from shifting out of place with one little product that professional organizers swear by: Museum Gel!

I love my modular drawer organizers but you can’t usually get a perfect fit which leaves a little room around the edges for things to slide around.

I was skeptical at first, but I tried using Museum Gel in my kitchen drawers and now I’m sold! I’ve since used it in every drawer of the house–this stuff is magic!

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What Is Museum Gel?

Do yourself a favor and go order a jar of museum gel right now. I like the Ready America clear museum gel. The jar may seem small but you’ll be surprised at how long it will last–I think it’s enough gel to take care of all the drawers in my house!

Museum gel is not really sticky but it’s very grippy. It has a firm, putty-like consistency. I love that it is clear so I can use it even with my clear organizers. And since it’s not very sticky, it’s easy to remove your containers any time without leaving behind a bunch of residues.

hand holding museum gel above kitchen drawer
hand holding museum gel above kitchen drawer

How to Stop drawer Organizers From Sliding Around Using Museum Gel

1. Roll the museum gel into a ball

Start by rolling a pea-sized ball of museum gel between your fingers. The gel feels very firm in the container, but once you roll it around it will start to warm up and be more malleable.

hand holding museum gel above kitchen drawer

2. Press Gel onto the bottom of your drawer organizer

Press the ball of museum gel onto the bottom of your drawer organizer. It’s not super sticky, more like a putty feel but it will stick to your organizer when pressed down.

You’ll want to play around with it, but I’ve typically found that putting gel on two opposite corners of my organizer is plenty to hold it firmly in place. If you’re working with a larger or heavier container, like a silverware tray, you will probably need more museum gel.

hand holding museum gel above kitchen drawer

3. Press Organizer Firmly into the drawer

Once you’ve placed museum gel on the bottom of your containers, position it in the drawer and firmly press the container down to stick it in place. Repeat with the rest of your drawer organizers.

hand holding museum gel above kitchen drawer

And that’s it! Your drawer organizers will no longer shift around. This is a quick project that takes practically no time at all and it will guarantee your drawers stay neatly organized.

Not sure it will hold up at your house? Well, museums use museum gel to keep items from rattling in display cases. And it’s also used to secure breakables & collectables from moving during earthquakes!

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