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15 Kitchen Organization Hacks With Command Hooks

Command Strips are a great way to organize your kitchen utensils and storage space. I’ve tested and gathered my favorite command hook hacks for you.

kitchen organization with command hooks

Command hooks are such an easy way to organize things around the house. I’ve used them for all sorts of things over the years and they come in handy in so many situations. You’ll find Command hooks all over our home, but the one room where they are used by far the most is the kitchen.

I’ve slowly added Command brand products all over our kitchen to organize a wide variety of things. So today I have a big list of organizing ideas to help you clean off your kitchen counter space by using Command hooks in creative ways. Are you ready?!

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This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for details.

Organizing Cleaning Supplies

  • Spray Bottles – Keep cleaning supplies out of sight but within easy reach with these awesome spray bottle hangers. They’re perfect for under the sink, in a closet, or in the laundry room and they hold plenty of weight to accommodate a glass spray bottle full of cleaning solution.
  • Brooms & Mops – Keep your broom and mop organized with Broom Grippers. I added two inside a closet off of our kitchen and they’re so handy for keeping your long-handled tools off of the floor. Simply stick any long handle in and you’re all set!
  • Rubber Gloves – You can hang rubber gloves or other cleaning supplies with a small hook under the kitchen sink. You might need to use a binder clip if your gloves don’t have a loop built in. The Command Brand Spring Clip is another great option!
  • Sponges – This Command Brand sponge holder sticks anywhere you want it and has a removable tray for washing.
  • Dishwasher pods- Try using an adhesive organizer to corral dishwasher pods to the inside of a cabinet door. This makes it really easy to open the door and grab a pod when you need it!
  • Bottle Brushes – Hang straw and bottle brushes under the sink so you can access them easily. The small hooks work well for me.
I added two spray bottle holders under our kitchen sink for my cleaning sprays.
I added two broom grippers inside a closet off our kitchen to make these cleaning supplies easy to grab.

Organizing Kitchen Linens

  • Pot Holders & Oven Mitts – Our pot holders used to take up an entire drawer but now they hang inside of a cabinet door right next to the oven. This medium designer hook holds strongly and it’s so easy to hang our pot holders up using their built-in loops.
  • Dish Towels – Hang kitchen towels right where you need them, even in a small space. I added this pretty brushed nickel double hook to the end of a cabinet and it’s perfect! You can hang up towels next to the kitchen sink or wherever you need one–no more walking across the kitchen for a towel all the time!
Our pot holders used to take up an entire drawer but now this medium designer hook holds them inside of a cabinet door.
I used a brushed nickel double hook to keep a dish towel handy in the kitchen.

Organizing Kitchen Tools

  • Measuring Cups and Spoons – Cabinet doors are also a great spot to hang measuring cups and spoons. A small command hook is great for this and simple to install without tools. You could also hang measuring spoons or cups on the back of containers you scoop from often.
  • Grilling Utensils – Instead of shoving large, clunky grilling utensils in a drawer, take advantage of the unused vertical space inside a cabinet door using Command’s wire hooks. Now our grilling utensils aren’t taking up tons of drawer space and they’re conveniently located inside the cabinet right next to the sliding door to our deck.
  • Foil or Plastic Wrap – Insert hooks into the end of the box and hang them on the inside of your kitchen cabinets or even your pantry door. This is such a cool hack!
A small command hook is great for hanging measuring cups and spoons where you need them the most.
Save drawer space by hanging grilling utensils with medium wire hooks.

Organizing Small Appliances

  • Cord Bundlers – Tidy up the cords on small appliances with Cord Bundlers. They’re easy to apply and can be removed damage-free. I saw this on social and instantly knew it was a great idea! One of my very favorite Command hook hacks. And yes, they do stick to the Instant Pot and Crock Pot–the outsides of those do not get hot enough to affect the stickiness (mine have stayed on for nearly 3 years!).
  • KitchenAid Stand Mixer Attachments – Hang your KitchenAid Mixer attachments on the inside of a cabinet with adhesive hooks of your choice. What a genius space saver for those awkwardly shaped attachments!
  • Pot Lids – If you are short on cabinet space in your small kitchen, you could hang pot lids on the inside of your cabinet with your choice of hooks.
Tidy up the cords on small appliances with Cord Bundlers.

Organizing Paper

  • Calendar & Meal Plan – Hang your grocery list, meal plan or calendar on or next to the fridge—this medium brushed nickel hook adds function and looks beautiful.
  • Kids’ Art & Important Papers – Clip your kids’ art projects to the front of the fridge with these spring clips.
This medium brushed nickel hook looks beautiful to hang on the fridge or next to the fridge to keep track of your grocery list.

Command Hooks are such an easy way to get organized in the kitchen! I hope this gave you some good ideas to try in your own kitchen, or maybe you can carry this concept into a bathroom, entryway, or closet space. All you need is a couple of hooks and a little bit of time!

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Have a fantastic day!

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