August 3, 2020  

Kitchen Sink Essentials – Cleaning Supplies & Organizing Products

I’m sharing all of my go-to products for organizing the kitchen sink along with my favorite cleaning supplies. Amp up your under-sink storage and stock it with great cleaning supplies to make doing the dishes a bit more enjoyable ;).

cleaning supplies flatlay

I spent the weekend doing what any organizing lover does: organizing under the kitchen sink!

This is a cabinet that’s been extremely neglected over the past 2 1/2 years of living in this house. I’ve been organizing our kitchen drawer by drawer, cabinet by cabinet this year and the kitchen sink finally got the attention it desperately needed!

I’ll write a blog post soon with the full tour of our newly-organized kitchen sink along with my tips for getting this trouble spot organized.

Today I’m sharing all of my favorite products for the kitchen sink! Everything from my favorite cleaning supplies to the dishwashing tools I swear by to all the storage and organization products that make doing the dishes a bit more efficient and enjoyable.

psst! The majority of my cleaning products are from Grove Collaborative! They carry awesome brands and ship straight to your door. New customers get a free Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning set! All the info here:

collage of cleaning products

Kitchen Sink Essentials

Kitchen Sink Essentials | Favorite Cleaning & Organizing Products

Under-Sink Organization

Dishwashing Essentials

Sink-Side Tray

Household Cleaning Supplies

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