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How To Label Baby Bottles With A Label Maker

Easily label your baby’s bottles for daycare with this affordable label maker! The laminated labels hold up through countless washes and are super simple to create.

Chloe and Logan take water and baby bottles to daycare every day. Chloe has had a labeled water bottle for a while now and it’s so much easier than re-writing her name on the bottle with a Sharpie that washes off every week or two.

Now that we have a baby in the house, I thought I’d share how I’m making quick and easy labels for baby bottles, too!

This tutorial is for labeling bottles with the Brother P-Touch Cube label maker. This little label maker comes in handy for so many uses around the house! It’s also pretty affordable (check it out on Amazon here).

Read on to see just how easy these bottle labels were to create, how cute they are for kid items, and how they are holding up to everyday life after going through the dishwasher!

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Which Label Maker Is Good For Baby Bottles?

My Brother P-Touch Cube label maker comes in handy for so many household projects! Every mom needs a small label maker like this for labeling all the kids’ things for daycare and school.

This label maker is a favorite of mine because it’s compact, affordable, and very user-friendly. It does everything I need it to without being over-complicated.

The Cube label maker connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and is powered by an AC adaptor or batteries. This all makes it easy to pull out your label maker and whip up a few labels without messing with a bunch of cords or supplies or even a computer. It’s seriously so quick to use!

You design your labels using the free mobile app. There are some fun fonts, borders, and even little symbols you can add to your labels but I tend to stick to a pretty simple design.

You can check out the Brother P-Touch Cube label maker on Amazon. The price fluctuates but you can usually find it on sale for around $40 or so and I think that’s money well spent!

Which label tape is best for baby bottles?

The P-Touch Cube label maker uses Brother P-touch TZe durable, laminated tapes up to 12mm wide (~½”) in a variety of colors and types. This laminated label tape for the P-Touch Cube is water and fade-resistant and can go from the freezer to the microwave to the dishwasher.

I used this label tape on my toddler’s water bottles that I wash daily. The labels have gone through the dishwasher numerous times with no noticeable fading. They don’t last forever but they’ll typically stay on for a couple of months before the corners start to peel up a bit and need to be replaced.

How to make baby bottle labels with a label maker

1. design your label

Open the free P-Touch Design & Print mobile app on your phone. Design your label using a pre-made design or start from scratch. Adjust the settings to the proper tape length and tape color.

You can purchase laminated label tape in numerous colors–I chose black tape with white letters for our baby bottles. I found a simple design in the app that had a nice border around the words, typed in Logan’s name, and I was all set!

Note: Check with your daycare on their requirements for labeling bottles. Ours only asks for the baby’s name but you may also need to add other information such as the date. If I needed to include a date on each bottle, I would make these name labels just like this and then use a Sharpie to write the date on the bottle so it could be easily washed and rewritten every time.

2. adjust print settings

Click “PRINT” and select the number of copies you want to print.

Click “CUT OPTIONS” within the print settings screen. Choose if you want a cut mark printed between labels. Choose if you want to cut the last label (to save on waste, I only choose this for the last label in my batch). This leaves less wasted space in between labels as opposed to leaving room to cut each individual label off with a built-in cut lever.

3. print label

Insert the label tape into your label maker. Turn your label maker on and connect it to your phone using the Bluetooth settings in the mobile app. Click “PRINT”.

4. cut labels

Press down the cut lever on the top of your label maker to cut the last label. Use scissors to cut your labels apart.

5. Label Away!

Remove the backing paper from the label and adhere to your baby bottle. Make sure your bottle is clean and dry before applying the label, and try to find a flat spot for the label to go.

I hope this tutorial helps you keep track of your baby bottles! It’s such an easy project and I’m so impressed with how well those labels have lasted after tons of washes.

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Have a fantastic day!

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