March 27, 2021  

A Review Of Our Black Leather Sectional (And How I Keep It Clean)

After a long hunt for the perfect sofa for our living room, we chose a large black leather sectional. Our new sectional was delivered 3 months ago so today I’m sharing a full review of how we’re liking it and if we’d buy it again.

modern living room with black leather sectional

A huge thanks to Homemakers for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

When we set out to find a new sofa for our living room last fall, it felt like a huge undertaking. Not only are there an overwhelming number of options, but it’s also a large investment and one that will be in your home for years. We felt a lot of pressure to get it right!

David and I went into this with pretty different opinions about what we wanted in a new sofa, but we agreed that we both needed to be excited about one before we made a purchase.

Thankfully we have an amazing (and HUGE!) furniture store here in the Des Moines metro called Homemakers that had a ton of options and helped us narrow down our differing opinions until we found the winner. You can read all about our sofa shopping tips in this post (we share each of our non-negotiables and all about how we narrowed things down to something we both loved).

Fast forward to today and we’ve been living with our new K Motion KM 213 Collection Black Leather Sectional for three full months now. So how do we like it? Are we happy with our choice? I crowdsourced some of your most-asked questions on Instagram and am answering them all today!

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A Review Of Our K Motion Leather SEctional From Homemakers

Are you glad you went with a sectional?

100% yes! I am so glad we chose a sectional. It’s family-friendly and SO ROOMY! I think having one large sectional as opposed to several smaller furniture pieces makes the living room look less cluttered.

I also love that it feels like a more conversational furniture arrangement where we can sit on opposite sides and actually face each other instead of always sitting side by side staring at the TV.

I will say I panicked when I first saw it in the room because it felt HUGE–maybe too big–but now I feel like it fills our living room so perfectly and actually makes this space feel larger.

Is the sectional comfortable?

One word: YES!!

We couldn’t be happier with how comfortable this K Motion sectional is. We all love it! It’s fairly firm which David and I both prefer, and we both like the feel of leather furniture. If I could take a nap every day, I’d nap on the sectional every time.

modern living room with black leather sectional

Do you like the low back?

The low back is great! I like it for a few reasons. For one, from a design standpoint it’s amazing for opening up the view from our kitchen into our living room. The back on this sectional is significantly shorter than the back on our old bulky couch and the change in how our rooms flow together now is remarkable. Even though we added an even larger black sofa than the one we had before, the lower back removed so much visual weight.

I’ve been surprised at how comfortable the low back is. It doesn’t support your neck and head, but I really like being able to sit down and rest an arm along the low back. Something about it just feels really nice and relaxing.

Want to know something really amazing about this sectional? It has a power headrest that lifts up! I was blown away by this feature when we first saw it at Homemakers. It’s like the best of both worlds. We get the low back that looks awesome, but a higher headrest is just one push of a button away when we really want to lay back and get comfy for movie night.

Do you like the power recliners?

Not gonne lie, we’re both very obsessed with power recliners. Each seat of our sectional is an individual piece and we chose power recliners for the two end pieces.

Our last sofa had power recliners as well and it was something David was adamant about having in a new sofa. I was more willing to give them up in exchange for style, but I’m really glad David won that argument because the power recliners are so comfortable! We w

modern living room with black leather sectional

Are you happy with how the style looks in your living room?

To be honest, I was sold on the comfort level of this sectional immediately but I was a little unsure if this choice would work with the design vision I had for the living room.

I was pretty set on something with light gray fabric that would feel lighter and more modern than our old bulky black leather couch. But in the end, the K Motion sectional checked almost all the boxes for us and although it was a lot of black, it was a compromise I was willing to make. It wasn’t the exact style I originally imagined, but it has a great modern look with clean lines that I could work with.

Fast forward to seeing the sectional in our actual living room and making some other small tweaks to the space, it feels meant to be. Like I mentioned earlier, the low back makes the room feel very open and its large size fills the room really nicely. Adding this sectional from Homemakers was just the facelift our living room needed.

modern living room with black leather sectional

Where’s your favorite spot to sit?

I’ve never lived in a home with a sectional and I have to say–it’s the BEST! So many good spots to sit and I like to switch up my spot depending on what I’m doing. But if I really have to choose my favorite spot, I’d say the corner seat! I love cozying up in that corner with a bunch of pillows.

Are you liking the leather?

Leather is timeless, comfortable, and family-friendly. It’s an awesome choice both in terms of looks and comfort and in terms of easy clean-up of spills (hello parenthood!).

Do you do anything to clean the leather? Leather is pretty low maintenance, but one thing I’m being proactive with is cleaning it regularly. We want this sectional to last our family for a long time so we’re taking good care of it.

I have also heard of conditioning leather 1-2 times a year. It’s not something we’ve done before but I do plan to research it to see if it’s something we need to be doing.

Would you buy it again?

Absolutely! We couldn’t be happier with our decision. It took us testing out a whole lot of couches at Homemakers to land on this one, and we’re really happy we took the time to make a thoughtful purchase.

woman sitting on black leather sectional

You can shop Homemakers’ large selection at or, if you’re local to Iowa, be sure to stop by their large showroom in Urbandale. It’s one of my favorite places to spend an afternoon!

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