June 7, 2022  

Your Favorite Organizing Products In May

I share a lot of home and organization products on social media and in blog posts each month and it’s always fun to look back and see what things were popular links. These were your favorite products for the month of May!

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May Favorites

  1. Magnetic Cable Ties – These are super affordable and really handy for keeping your cords and chargers neatly wrapped up. I tried out a bunch of cord organization ideas recently and these have become a must-have for me.
  2. Marble Vanity Organizer – If you’re short on drawer space in your bathroom, I really love how this organizer looks sitting out on the counter! It has a beautiful marbled look and is surprisingly heavy and durable. It’s the perfect spot to corral your daily beauty essentials and I use one to hold everything for my evening face wash routine.
  3. Museum Gel – Drawer organizers sliding around are the worse! This gel is the magic solution. Read more about it here.
  4. Acrylic Cord Organizer – This organizer is the perfect place for small cables and chargers in your office. I have one in my desk and it not only works well but it looks pretty, too.
  5. Stackable Drawer – These Home Edit brand drawers are high quality and work so well for adding storage under bathroom and kitchen sinks. The drawer pulls out and has a removable divider (plus you can add these baby bins inside to further divide it if you need).
  6. Kitchen Bin – My all-time favorite bin! The bin is sized to perfectly fit the depth of an upper kitchen cabinet and I’ve used it in basically every room of the house. It really is the perfect size for almost anything!
  7. Bear Wall Basket – This cutie basket looks absolutely adorable in a kids’ room. You can see it in our nursery here.
  8. Freezer Bins – If your freezer is a huge mess, add some bins. These work so well! Tour my organized freezer here.
  9. Paint Brush – I swear by this paint brush for trim work. The short, flexible handle feels nice in your hand and gives you great control.
  10. Cricut Joy – I’ll forever and always love my Cricut Joy. Check out my Cricut comparison guide (though the Cricut Joy is definitely my fav for most people).
  11. Drawer Liner – This is inexpensive removable wallpaper that I like to use as a drawer liner. See how I add drawer liner to my kitchen here.
  12. Black Metal Bed – I searched far and wide for the most affordable metal bed for Chloe’s room and this one from Walmart fits the bill. It’s been out of stock for quite a while so I’m excited to see it back right now! You really can’t beat that price and the style is a classic.

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