February 12, 2016  

Memory Jar Gift Idea {with free printable label}

Hello, friend! Are you looking for a super simple gift idea that’s meaningful and budget-friendly? If you are, I have you covered today. I love giving personalized and handmade gifts, but I’ll admit that I am such a procrastinator when it comes to actually executing my creative gift ideas. This usually means I’m scrambling at the very last minute or even giving it as a belated gift. Not cool, I know.

I thought I’d share a little gift idea today that can be whipped up on short notice as a thoughtful gift for your husband or even a fun activity for your entire family. I promise it’s super simple to make and you probably already have the supplies you need.

I made this memory jar gift for my husband for Valentine’s Day this year, and I think it turned out so cute! I know he won’t fully appreciate its cuteness factor, but it will look great sitting on a shelf somewhere in our home 😉 .

A memory jar is a place to jot down all of those memorable moments and happy thoughts during the year. Then it becomes an annual tradition to read through your memories at the end of each year. I’ve heard of many people starting one with their family on January 1st and reviewing them on New Year’s Eve, but I think you can use the same concept to commemorate other occasions like Valentine’s Day or your wedding anniversary.

What a cute DIY memory jar gift idea! Could be a gift idea for anniversary, Valentine's Day, Christmas and more.

To make this into a gift, you’ll want to jump start your jar with some notes for the recipient. So if you’re giving it to your husband, you could include ten of your favorite memories with him over the years. He gets to read your love notes as a gift, and then you both add to the memory jar during the year.

Make sure you find a home for your jar where you will see it every day to remind you to add to it. You’ll also want to have slips of paper and pens/pencils next to it to make it super easy to jot down memories as they come to mind.

To make this memory jar, I designed a little “lovely memories” label, printed it out on regular printer paper, and used double-sided tape to attach the label to a backing made of scrapbook paper. I used my tape to attach the label to the outside of the jar. I also cut some little paper slips out of colorful scrapbook paper to write our memories on. How easy is that?

What a cute DIY gift idea to make a little memory jar. Could be a gift idea for anniversary, Valentine's Day, Christmas and more.
Download the free printable label here.

You can download your own “lovely memories” label here. I designed it in black and white so it will go with anything, so you’ll probably want to personalize it with a colorful piece of paper as a backing for your label. I used a scrap of this fun black and white arrow scrapbook paper. Just use a piece of what you have laying around!

What a cute DIY memory jar gift idea! Could be a gift idea for anniversary, Valentine's Day, Christmas and more.

I really want to get better at writing down special memories this year so I can look back at all of them when I’m much older. It will be so fun to have these little notes as keepsakes of our year, and I think this will become a nice tradition for my husband and I to read through the jar’s contents every year.

Do you write down your happy memories? How do you record them?

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  1. Such a sweet idea, Emily! So many great memories are forgotten with the daily hustle. Love this idea for walking down memory lane!

    1. Thank you, Megan! I’m really hoping this jar will help us take a few seconds now and then to write things down. Thanks for stopping by!

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