October 15, 2015  

The story of a darling mint clock – ORC Week 2

You know that time when you were standing in that Hobby Lobby aisle, just staring at the perfect clock? You stopped dead in your tracks, eyeing that perfect mint-colored clock, your mind running through all the places it would look great in your house. You try to rationalize with yourself, thinking in your head that the last thing you need today is a random clock. Where would you really put it, anyway? How will you smuggle into into the house without your hubby noticing?

But your rational self is out-voted by your lover-of-pretty-things self, and soon you are stashing that darling mint clock in your shopping basket and heading straight to the checkout before you change your mind.

Has that ever happened to you? If you couldn’t guess, that’s exactly what happened to me (although I’m positive you have had a similar shopping experience at Hobby Lobby). I purchased that stylish mint clock just about a year ago, right when we were starting to house hunt. I just knew it was going to be the perfect accessory in the future office/craft studio in my future home.

And as soon as we toured the house that we now own, I knew that the ugly, red-floored room tucked in our basement was going to make the most perfect craft studio. This clock has been stashed away all this time, just waiting to make its debut.

Every girl deserves a pretty office.

I am one week into the One Room Challenge, a challenge where bloggers set their minds on completely transforming one room in their home over the course of six weeks. I showed you my mood board and color scheme last week, and this week I’m giving you a bit of an update on my Jewel Tone Craft Studio.

Honestly, I have felt under the weather the entire week, so I haven’t done anything major in this room yet. But, I have raided every nook and cranny of my house for furniture and accessories that I can use in this new craft studio. That clock isn’t the only thing that’s been waiting for a pretty craft studio to call home. This beautiful hourglass will be the perfect accessory for my desk, and the glass desk itself is one that was originally in our store but I think will look much prettier in my craft room.

This hourglass would look beautiful on top of my desk.


I have been hoarding collecting storage containers and baskets for storing craft supplies. Storage containers are definitely my guilty pleasure. I found the green and blue containers in the above photo at Dollar General. And this stack of mint, grey and white baskets are from the dollar section at Target.

These baskets will be perfect for holding my craft supplies.


I have four of these old yellow chairs that I thrifted last spring specifically for this room. A little paint and new seat coverings should liven them up. I really like their shape.

Thrifted chairs just need new life with some paint and new seat covers.

I also have this fun blue patterned fabric that I’m 99% sure I’m using as the curtain in front of our ugly storage shelves.

She turned this gorgeous fabric into a pretty curtain. You can't tell it's a cheap sheet!

I’ve also relocated our grey and white Target rug from our living room to my craft room. The rug worked great in our apartment, but is just too small to really work well in the living room of our house. The best thing about carrying the same colors through each room of your home is the ease of moving accessories around to freshen things up.

Every girl deserves a pretty office space.

My goals for this coming week:

  1. Build a big work table for the middle of the room.
  2. Research brighter lighting options to replace the single bulb.
  3. Prep the four yellow chairs for painting and decide on paint colors.
  4. Hang curtain in front of ugly storage shelves.

I need your help! What color(s) should I paint these four yellow chairs?

> Go check out all the updates from the other bloggers participating in the One Room Challenge.

Every girl deserves a gorgeous craft room, and this one is so pretty.


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  1. Um I want that clock!

    And you should probably go with an orange or coral shade for the chairs. Cuz, Orange you glad we are friends? 🙂

    1. Well my mint clock is not for sale, but maybe we can find you a similar one 🙂 Of course the orange-obsessed lady would suggest orange. I love the color, but it’s not really in my color scheme. I’m probably more likely to work in some orange accessories here in there. We’ll see …

  2. I have actually stood in the aisle with that same dadgum clock at my Hobby Lobby! So glad you got it and it will be adorable in your craft room. 🙂

    1. No way! That’s too funny. You’ll have to check back and see the mint clock in all its glory once my room is complete. Glad to meet a fellow Hobby Lobby lover!

  3. Totally crushing on your mint clock, and I do believe that I would go with seafoam for the chair color! Thank you so much for sharing with us at The Creative Circle Link Party 🙂

  4. That truly is a darling clock, and I have had that same experience at Hobby Lobby (or any number of other stores) so many times! Glad to know I’m not alone! I think you should paint them the colors of your storage baskets. They all look so cute together. Nice to meet you on Think and Make Thursday, and heading over to follow on Instagram…

  5. I say something outside of the blue/green color family! Make them pop with a fresh orange or yellow and an even “poppy-er” fabric for the cushions!

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