October 10, 2018  

Our Modern Green Bathroom Design Plan | ORC Week 2

Today I’m sharing the modern green bathroom design plans for our bathroom makeover! I’m giving our half bath a much-needed makeover on a small budget in 5 short weeks during this fall’s edition of the One Room Challenge.


Help!!! We’re entering the second week of the One Room Challenge and guess who’s barely started her project? Yes indeed, that would be me. Yikes!

Our weekend was busier than usual and my baby girl was clingier than usual so while I didn’t get the walls painted as I had hoped, I did get everything prepped and ready to paint right away this weekend.

Although I don’t have very many progress photos to show you this week, I am going to share the design plan for this bathroom makeover! I can’t wait for you to see my plans!


Just to recap from last week, I’m joining in on this round of the One Room Challenge and giving our half bathroom a makeover. Hop back to Week One to read more about my bathroom makeover and see some inspiration photos.

If you are unfamiliar with the One Room Challenge, the gist is that design influencers transform a room in their home in five short weeks. We all post weekly progress reports and then share our final room reveals at the end. (That room reveal day is seriously one of the best days in blogland! It’s so fun to tour all of the rooms!) The One Room Challenge happens each spring and fall and it’s always inspiring to follow along! 

Although you’ll see a lot of ambitious renovations and expensive makeovers during the One Room Challenge, that’s not at all what mine is! Here is a quick recap of my approach:

  1. Everything I do will be very budget friendly.
  2. This makeover will be done in a few hours each weekend.
  3. I’m a one-woman show doing this all on my own.
  4. This makeover will be full of practical, budget-friendly cosmetic updates.

As a reminder, here’s a before photo of the bathroom. It’s your standard half bath just off of our kitchen. It’s functional but leaves a lot to be desired in the design department.


Modern Green Bathroom Design

I’m currently obsessed with moody walls (see my navy entryway and navy bedroom). But instead of my go-to navy, I decided to branch out to a dark green for the bathroom.

Those of you on Instagram helped me debate between several colors and we eventually landed on what I’d describe as a pure forest green. It is Rainforest Green by Behr and it is such a lovely, rich green.

Here are some of the design elements I’ve already gathered for the bathroom:


I’m planning to bring in whites, blacks, geometric objects and some natural elements to complement that rich green on the walls. I’m still gathering items for the room, but the above photo gives you an idea of the direction I’m heading for this modern green bathroom makeover.

David’s challenge to me in this house is to incorporate more bold color (I always gravitate toward blues, grays, blacks and whites). So I’m also toying with the thought of incorporating some type of pink or coral as a pop of color, likely in the form of artwork. I really want to paint the walls so I can get a feel for the room before I commit to any bright pops of color. So we will see what happens!

Here’s the official design board for the room:


Mood Board Sources

This list contains affiliate links. See my disclosure for information.

Bathroom Makeover Checklist


Image Via Kirsten Diane

This green board and batten wall treatment is my main source of inspiration for our bathroom. I’m going install a similar vertical board and batten wall treatment on the bottom 2/3 of the wall and paint the top portion a bright white.


In addition to adding board and batten to the walls, I’m going to install a taller baseboard like I recently did in our navy entry makeover.

I’m also going to trim out the window and add new trim around the door frame – these will both be new projects for me and I’m excited about their potential to really upgrade the room! Plus, the tiny bathroom gives me a perfect opportunity to practice and experiment with window trim that I’d like to eventually carry through the rest of the house.


I wrestled with a color to paint the vanity for a long time before deciding to go with a classic white. I really wanted to try out a greige color of some sort and think it would look super good with dark green walls.

But I’m a little nervous about how dark this tiny bathroom is going to feel with dark walls so I think bringing in a lot of bright white to offset that dark green is the best choice. Plus, I’m a sucker for the high contrast of dark colors and bright white.


I’ve been drooling over black hardware for so long now that I knew I needed to use it in our bathroom. You’ll see the super pretty geometric knobs and pulls in my design board.

I’m also going to mix in some polished chrome hardware. Right now I have a polished chrome towel ring and toilet paper holder and am shopping for a light fixture that will likely be polished chrome as well.


I took down the frameless mirror and builder basic vanity light this week and am currently shopping for a new mirror and light fixture. Since this room is so small, those two items will make a huge impact so I’ve been on the hunt for something I love.

Be sure you’re following me on Instagram so you can vote for your favorite options before I make my final selections!


I’m not going to commit to this until I start seeing the room come together, but I’m highly considering stenciling the linoleum floor. I think it would add a fun touch to the room and, I’ll be honest, I’ve always wanted to give it a try! This will be the project that gets scrapped if I run out of time though.


I also really hope to have time to give the bathroom door a makeover, something similar to the doors I painted black in our last house. I might try a different style of trim for this house, but that’s to be determined!


I’ll meet you back here each week with progress updates on our modern green bathroom makeover. Stay tuned for next Wednesday, when I’ll have painted walls to share with you!

Be sure to visit the One Room Challenge website for links to allllllll of the other participants!

And if you want to keep up with behind the scenes, real-time updates, be sure you’re following me on Instagram!

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  1. I love seeing everything you’ve picked out! Normally I don’t like plain white walls, but I love how the color brightens the room! Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Annemarie! I think the white walls balance out the dark green on the bottom really nicely. More photos to come in future updates!

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