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Modern Boy Nursery Makeover | Organizing, Decorating & DIY Nursery Ideas

Take a tour of our baby boy’s nursery today! From smart organizing ideas to DIY projects to styling inspiration, here’s a look at our baby’s room.

Our baby boy will make his arrival any day now, and I finished his room in the knick of time! I’ll show you around this cozy, modern nursery space today and will follow up with several more detailed project tutorials and organizing deep dives in future blog posts.

I’ve been asked so many times what our nursery theme is, and I’m honestly not really into overly-themed kids’ rooms. When I was designing this space, I focused on creating a room that can “grow up” with our son.

I’m not really sure what “style” I’d call this room, but I kept words like modern, vintage, and preppy in mind when making decorating decisions. I think this room strikes a great balance of being masculine and modern while still layering in playful elements so it doesn’t feel too grown up for a baby.

>> Take a 15-second tour of the nursery in this Instagram video.

Learn more about our green boy nursery here:

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Modern Nursery Decor

Side 1: Crib & Cozy Seating Corner

This is the view that greets you when you walk into the nursery. Looks pretty cozy, doesn’t it?

The first decision I made was the green paint color. It’s called Current Mood by Clare Paint, a beautiful color I’ve been wanting to use somewhere in our home for a while now. I added a striped detail across the middle of the wall and use the color Classic on top (the same color as our living room). The wall design set the tone for a modern, preppy space.

The plaid rug was one of the last purchases I made for this room. I debated between something very neutral and “safe”, but ended up taking a risk and ordering this plaid rug and I’m obsessed! It was a more bold choice, but it added that final layer of vintage/preppy I was going for.

We’re using the same grey crib our daughter used, and I ended up angling it in the corner a bit to make space for a cozy recliner/rocker/glider and small side table.

I highly recommend a comfy recliner in a nursery–it’s a piece of advice a friend gave me before our first baby, and it served us so well we’re doing it again! Between nursing sessions and long nights, you’ll definitely spend a lot of time sitting and sleeping in this chair. And the basic gliders are not that great for sleeping in, in my opinion.

I chose a small side table with an extra shelf underneath so there’s plenty of space for a lamp plus baby bottles, my water bottle, snacks, pacifiers, burp cloths, books, and all the things that tend to accumulate next to a nursery chair. I even added a black bin on the shelf that I plan to stock with lots of snacks for myself!

We installed this modern Hunter ceiling fan last year when this was David’s office, and I think it looks awesome with our nursery decor. There was a bulky, dated-looking fan in here before and it’s amazing how much a new fan can do to update the look of a room.

I decided on a set of three larger frames for the back wall, and after a lot of debating, I landed on a transportation theme. I found these cool prints on Etsy and like that they have a more vintage feel to them than some of the more cartoony feeling ones I saw.

Shop this side of the room:

Side 2: The Dresser / Changing Table

I refinished my grandma’s old dresser and love how the natural wood looks against the deep blue walls. I’ll share a tutorial on this dresser makeover later! In the meantime, you can see the process in this Instagram video.

In a nursery, I prefer using a big dresser in place of a traditional changing table. There’s tons of space for diaper and outfit changes, and the changing pad can be packed away easily when we’ve outgrown diaper changes. This way we have a nice dresser that can last in this room for years.

There’s a container of wipes and diaper pail on the right side for convenient one-handed access during diaper changes. And I added a cute wooden turntable to the left of the changing pad to hold lotions, diaper creams, and a small stack of diapers. There are also tons of diapers within easy reach in the top drawer.

I had so much fun organizing the inside of these drawers! The smaller drawers on the left hold baby supplies and the right drawers hold clothes. I

I’ll definitely share a full drawer tour in a future blog post along with nursery organization tips, but if you want a peek you can watch this video on Instagram!

Shop this side of the room:

Side 3: The DIY Closet

If I have to choose a favorite part of the nursery, it’s definitely the DIY closet! I ripped out the basic wire shelf and rod, built custom shelving, and painted the whole thing the same green as the walls. I started this project at 35 weeks pregnant and as my largest woodworking proejct to date, that may not have been the smartest move but I’m so proud that I pulled it off!

Watch the full project come together in this 15-second Instagram video.

I’ll write out a full blog post with a tutorial for how I built the closet shelving later, but for now let’s just admire how pretty it is! Of course I was excited to style and organize all of the shelves!

I’ll share a tour of how I organize everything in these containers in a future blog post once I figure out how to best use all of this awesome storage space.

I also added some wooden pegs to the left of the closet and I love how this little wall is looking! You can never have enough hooks in bedrooms in my opinion, especially for all the little baby things.

Shop this side of the room:

And that concludes our nursery tour today! Watch for more tutorials and details about the different parts of this room in future blog posts later this fall. For now, I’m putting my feet up and getting ready to soak in lots of newborn snuggles!

Have a fantastic day!

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