January 8, 2024  

My 2024 Goals

Sharing a few of my personal goals for 2024 today! I hope they give you some inspiration for your goal setting.

Do you have goals for 2024? I’ve always been a big goal setter, but over the past few years the biggest thing I’ve learned about goal setting is that it doesn’t always have to be so serious!

You can actually have goals just for FUN — they don’t all have to be about fixing bad habits or making drastic changes in your life. So while I do have some of the typical health and money-related goals you hear so much about in the new year, now I always leave room for a couple of personal goals that are purely about adding joy into my life. And I encourage you to do the same, whatever sounds fun to you!

I always find it fascinating to hear what sorts of goals others have, so I thought I’d share some of my personal goals with you today. And I’d love it if you’d reply to this email with one of the goals you have for your year!

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A Few Of My Personal Goals For 2024

Reading & Creativity

After a few years of barely any reading, I rediscovered my love of reading last year and set a goal to read 30 books in 2024 which would be HUGE for me!

I also want to complete one puzzle, paint by numbers (working on this one right now!), Lego set, or other creative project each month.

Memory Making

My goal is to create holiday magic in our house for holidays and build more celebrations into the day-to-day. I’d like to plan more family days where we get out of the house to explore the cool places in our community and make memories together. I also want to catch up on baby books and family photo albums.

Active Lifestyle

I’d like to get more steps in through regular walks around the neighborhood, using my walking pad while working, and starting a weekly long walk where I can listen to a good audiobook and zone out for a while.

I’m also feeling really inspired by the 1,000 Hours Outside movement and plan to spend a lot more time outside as a family–1,000 hours would be a major stretch goal for us so I’m not aiming for that, I more just want to push us to build outside time into our evenings and weekends. I’m hopeful this will naturally decrease our screen time use, lead to fun family adventures, and encourage us to simply play in the backyard more often.


We’ve been in a season of survival mode with young kids for the past few years which meant less bandwidth/time to focus on our relationship, and we’re feeling like this is the year we’re finally at a point where we can truly reprioritize each other.

We brainstormed some ideas including weekly board game nights after the kids are in bed, lining up a babysitter or taking a half day of PTO so we can go on an actual date every month, covering each of the love languages every week, refining the kids’ bedtime routines to try to get more of our evenings back, etc.

Friendships & Community

One habit I’m continuing to work on in 2024 is checking in with a friend every day. I tend to get so absorbed in my own life that I can easily go all week without talking to anyone outside of work and my family if I’m not intentional about it.

I’d also like to make one or two new friends locally — I have several acquaintances on social media that I’ve never or rarely met in person and it would be awesome to meet up with a few of them.

Lastly, Chloe is in kindergarten this year and I’d like to get involved at her school and get to know some of the other parents, especially the ones that live in our neighborhood.


I always set some goals for our house, and this year’s big one is organizing our basement. We’re hoping to be able to finish the basement in the next couple of years, but it’s a complete disaster down there so we can’t even think about framing walls until we get organized and clear out the clutter.

Have a fantastic day!

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