October 1, 2022  

October Decluttering Challenge

Two weeks of doable decluttering projects with quick tips, helpful Q&As, and motivation to clear the clutter from your home this fall.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed by my house lately. I consider myself pretty good at decluttering but I definitely let things slip over the summer and there areas all over our house where things have just piled up.

I can’t handle the visual clutter any longer so I’m declaring war on my clutter for the month of October. My house is long overdue for a huge purge and it’s stressing me out, plus I know I need to get things cleaned up so our house feels lighter as the weather cools and we start spending more time indoors.

And also, I’m realizing that–dare I say it–Christmas is just around the corner and I most definitely want to have my house clean and organized so it’s ready for holiday decor and so I don’t have clutter stress on top of general holiday stress.

If you’re feeling the same and need some decluttering motivation this fall, join me for our October decluttering challenge!

Pre.S. – The challenge has started but it’s not too late to join the fun! You can start anytime even after the live 15-day challenge is complete. I’m saving all of the details, tips, and my decluttering projects to this Instagram highlight so you can watch it any time you want!

October Decluttering Challenge – Oct 1-15

the plan

Our October challenge will be October 1-15. We’re going to spend the next two weeks focused on getting clutter cleaned up and out of the house!

During these two weeks, your goal is to declutter 6 small spaces (that’s 3 spaces per week). You can go at your own pace according to your schedule and spread them out throughout the week or tackle them all on the weekends, your choice.

Our main goal here is to keep things manageable by focusing on bite-sized projects. So instead of taking on a full room, break it down into smaller parts. For example, instead of focusing on the entire kitchen you could break it down into 1) kitchen counters, 2) pantry, and 3) junk drawer.

Also, it’s important to note that decluttering is not cleaning. And decluttering is not organizing. During this challenge, we’re focused on paring down our possessions and getting rid of the excess. This isn’t about deep cleaning or fancy organizing bins, it’s about clearing out some of the clutter and simplifying your home!

how to participate

  • Step 1: Choose 3 small spaces to declutter each week (6 spaces total)
  • Step 2: Declutter your 3 spaces any time during the week (take before pictures before you start)
  • Step 3: Track the total number of items you purge
  • Step 4: Take pictures of each completed space plus your pile of purged items
  • Step 5: Celebrate your progress! Share your decluttering wins, progress updates and photos of completed spaces
  • Tag me @smallstuffemily on Instagram and Facebook so I can cheer you on and share your updates to my stories!
  • You can also share your wins with me via direct message on social media or email to emily@emilysmallstuffcounts.com

Tips For Success

  • Work quickly and stay focused on finding items to purge. Remember that you’re not organizing or cleaning, you’re simply removing things you don’t need.
  • Make it fun! Turn on a great playlist, audiobook, or podcast and listen while you work.
  • Keep a trash bag, cardboard box for donations, and a laundry basket or bin nearby to collect everything you discard.
  • Start by removing all the trash and anything that’s expired or broken. That’s a good way to get going and work your way up toward making decisions about other things.
  • Keep a notebook nearby and add a tally mark for every single item you purge during the challenge. It’s so motivating to see how many things you get rid of and I think you’ll be surprised at how big that number gets! Every single thing you discard gets a tally (yes that includes each piece of paper, garbage, donated items, etc).
  • Take before and after photos to stay motivated!
  • Stay positive and don’t get down on yourself. No negative self talk or blaming yourself for the mess or money spent on items never used. That’s all in the past and now you’re taking action! Be kind to yourself.
  • Follow along with me for tips, motivation, and camaraderie all month long! I’m saving everything to this Instagram highlight so you can always check there for updates or visit it after the challenge, too.

Examples Of Small Spaces You could declutter

For this decluttering challenge, we’re decluttering three small spaces each week. If you’re not sure where to start or have trouble breaking down a large room into bite-sized projects, take a look at this list for ideas! Instead of trying to declutter your entire kitchen all at once, you’ll notice several kitchen items on this list. Just pick one small, contained area and get started!

I can’t wait to see all of the decluttering progress you make over the next two weeks! Be sure to share so I can cheer you on and I’ll be decluttering right alongside you.

Have a fantastic day!

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