July 18, 2018  

15 Ways To Organize Your House For Back To School

The kids will be heading back to school before we know it! Take some time to organize your house for back to school now so you are organized for the new school year ahead. Here are 15 ideas you can do now to prepare for the craziness!


Whether your kids go back to school next week or next month, back to school will be here before you know it!

I’ve received many requests for ideas for how to organize your house for back to school. I don’t have school-age kids yet, but I still find myself craving order and wanting to create new systems in our home.

I have 15 ideas to share with you ranging from streamlining things in the kitchen to dealing with all of the paper clutter that will no doubt start piling up once school begins.


Organize Your House For Back To School

Create Routines

Every household needs a solid routine and back to school is the perfect time to get back into a daily routine. Here are a few resources to help you get into a routine again:

1. My Proven 5-Step System For Creating A Daily Routine

My personal process for creating a routine, whether you are starting from scratch or just need to modify it a bit.

Image via artsyfartsymama.com

2. Free Printable After School Checklist

This printable checklist is so cute! Perfect for hanging on the fridge or your command center to remind your kids of the things you do every day after school.

3. Easing Back Into A School Routine

Some great tips for creating a plan that helps the entire family slowly adjust to your new routine leading up to the first day of school.

Image via organized31.com

4. Tips For Organizing School Mornings

Smart tips for keeping mornings organized instead of hectic.

Get Your Kitchen Ready

An organized grocery list makes shopping so much easier! Check out this pretty printable. Click through to the blog post to download the free printable!

5. Creating An Organized Grocery List + A Free Printable

Download this free printable grocery list so you’re prepared for grocery store runs and can be sure your pantry and fridge stay stocked during the busy school week.

Check out this Evernote grocery list! Love how she uses headings and checkboxes to create an organized grocery list digitally.

6. How To Use Evernote For Organizing A Digital Grocery List

If you always forget your grocery list at home, try a digital one instead! Evernote makes it easy for multiple family members to add to the list and I love the little check boxes you can use instead of bullet points.

Image via scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom.com

7. How To Make A Grab And Go After School Snack Station

I love how Jamie organizes snacks in her fridge using clear bins. They keep everything super organized and easy for kids to grab.

I really need to take some time to get organized for packing school lunches! Definitely downloading this free printable lunch planner and those cute love note printables. Those are perfect for my kids' lunches!!!

8. Organized Lunches Packed With Love (Free Lunch Planner & Love Note Printables) 

Print a few pages of these little lunch box notes and tuck them in lunches every day or every once in a while. And use the printable lunch planner so you’re never scrambling to pack a lunch at the last minute.

Always rushing out the door to school and work? Set up a simple lunch packing station to stay organized and save time in your morning routine.

9. Create An Organized Lunch Packing Station 

Here’s a look at how we created a simple lunch packing station. Emptying packaged items into baskets and portioning food into small baggies makes it simple to pack lunches every day.

Create A Command Center

Image via cleanlivingcleaneating.com

10. Family Command Center 

Kara took advantage of a small wall in her house to create an organized command center for her family. With space to write notes and stash papers, it’s a great way to keep things organized when you’re coming and going every day.

Image via makingmanzanita.com

11. How To Create A Command Center On Fridge To Organize Your Life

I love how Chelsea created an organized command center on her fridge. And her meal planning system is so smart!

Declutter The House

On a mission to declutter your house? Download these free printable decluttering signs to use when you're sorting through all of the stuff. I like to laminate the signs and attach them to boxes when I'm organizing a space.

12. Decluttering With Free Printable Sorting Signs

Do a little decluttering before school starts! Use the printable sorting signs to designate boxes for donations, trash, etc. and encourage your kids to help declutter their rooms.

Get Ahead Of The Paper Clutter

13. The New Way To Reduce Kids Paper Clutter 

This app looks super useful! Use it to save photos of your kids’ art projects so you can preserve the memories without getting buried in paper. You can even print them out as prints or books later on.

I'm going to pick up a pretty file and finally get my mail and paperwork organized!

14. How to Organize Your Mail & Eliminate Paper Clutter

Don’t get buried in paper this year! Having a system in place for all of the mail and school papers that come into the house will prevent them from piling up on the table or kitchen counter. Let’s make it a mission to avoid those dreaded paper piles this year!

Set Up Your Planner

Image via whatsupfagans.com

15. Back To School Planner Stickers

These planner stickers are so stinkin’ cute! Print a few pages of them and you’ll be all set to organize your planner with carpool days, field trip dates, practices and more.

I hope this blog post gave you some good ideas to organize your house for back to school!

Have a great day!




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  1. Some great ideas & tips! I’ve been thinking of going digital with my grocery list. I will have to try your approach with Evernote.
    Thanks for including my tips for easing back into a school routine! I’m looking forward to getting back into a normal schedule soon.

    1. Hi Leslie! I hope the Evernote method works well for your grocery list! I love pen and paper but find a digital grocery list so much more practical and convenient. Thanks for stopping by!

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