August 6, 2019  

An Organized Toddler Art Caddy

Keep kids’ art supplies organized with a DIY art caddy! I can’t wait to show you how I assembled this fun, colorful art caddy for my toddler.


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Somewhere along the way, I blinked and my baby turned into an active, adventurous, and messy toddler! Coloring and painting are some of her favorite activities these days.

As our stash of toddler art supplies begins to grow, I wanted to find an easy way to keep it all contained. And that’s where this organized art caddy comes in.

Today, I’m sharing a simple idea for organizing kids art supplies. Assembling an art caddy will not only help you keep all of the finger paint and play dough organized, but it will also help you contain the mess. And that’s why Brawny® is the perfect brand to partner with on this project – because they know how to keep little fingers clean!



Chloe and I have been having so much fun with art projects lately. She’s now 21 months old (how did this happen so fast?!) and loves all things coloring, painting, gluing, and play dough.

I love Sunday afternoons spent huddled around the kitchen table with paintbrushes and glue sticks in hand. We glue paper shapes together and trace our handprints and practice saying the names of each and every color. Creativity is very important to me and I love sharing these creative moments with my daughter.

Since our kitchen table doubles as our arts and crafts table, I wanted to find an easy way to store our art supplies out of the way while still being simple to grab whenever creativity strikes.

Our new art caddy makes it so simple to dive into our art projects and clean up the mess before dinner. With an impatient toddler on my hands, it’s so helpful to be able to grab this caddy and instantly have everything we need to get crafty at a moment’s notice.



Gather Your Favorite Supplies

To create your own kids art caddy, gather up all of your go-to art supplies. These should be the items you reach for frequently, your kids’ favorites.

I’m sure our go-to art supplies will change often as Chloe grows, but right now this is what we stocked our art caddy with:


Choose A Caddy

Now that you’ve rounded up your favorite art supplies, you need something to hold them all!

A caddy is technically any type of container for storing things, but I like to think of them as small containers that are easily portable. Choose a caddy that’s big enough to contain all of your essentials while being easy to grab and go.

A divided turntable is perfect for our art caddy (here’s the turntable I used). It spins so everything is easy to reach, it’s clear so we can see everything inside, it’s small enough to tuck into a cabinet when not in use, and it’s easy to carry back and forth to the table. Those are all important requirements of a hard-working art caddy.


Stock Your Art Caddy

Fill your art caddy with all of your kids’ favorite art supplies. If your caddy doesn’t have divided compartments, you can insert pencil cups or jars to contain some of the smaller items.

Our caddy is divided into four sections that are really helpful for keeping things upright and easy to grab. It even has a removable bin that I filled with crayons so Chloe can color on the floor without taking the entire caddy with her (because there’s no way I’m leaving her unsupervised with those giant bottles of finger paint!).

In addition to your art supplies, don’t forget to stock your caddy with Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels so they are within reach when those little fingers get messy (because who are we kidding, you know the mess is inevitable!).


When life gets messy, I reach for Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels because they’re strong and absorbent and I really like the flexibility of tearing off the sheet size you need.

Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels can be torn off in full, half, and quarter sheets (so smart!). I stocked our art caddy with a stack of quarter sheets to wipe up little messes, and I always make sure we have full roll nearby when we get out the finger paints (that’s when I need a full sheet!).


In case you’ve never met a toddler, please note the messy hands above. Yeah, that’s why you won’t catch me without a roll of paper towels nearby!


We had a blast taking these photos the other day. Chloe gets to paint finger and handprints at daycare fairly often so she knows the drill. It wasn’t long before she was climbing down from the chair so she could work on painting her feet.

toddler painting foot on floor

Our art projects may result in big messes sometimes, but that’s okay! Chloe has fun, I have fun, and it’s nothing a few paper towels can’t take care of.

Once Chloe was cleaned up, the rest of the cleanup was a breeze. Our new artwork went on the fridge, our art caddy went back in its cabinet, and I wiped up our messy kitchen table and floor with the help of Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels.


If your kiddos love arts and crafts, take a few minutes to assemble an organized art caddy! It’s so helpful to have everything in one container that’s easy to grab!

And be sure to pick up a package of Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels to keep those little fingers clean with the quarter sheet size during life’s busy moments.


I hope you enjoyed this DIY art caddy! It’s such a great way to keep kids art supplies organized. Plus, I have to say, it looks pretty, too!

Have a great day!

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