May 11, 2017  

Creating An Organized Grocery List + A Free Printable

Do you dread grocery shopping? I used to drag my feet when it came to this errand, but now I actually sort of enjoy walking up and down the supermarket aisles. And I credit my organized grocery list as the reason why I don’t mind my grocery store trips as much anymore.

An organized grocery list makes shopping so much easier! Check out this pretty printable. Click through to the blog post to download the free printable!

Wasted Food & Money

I used to show up at the grocery store and wander the aisles. Without a grocery list in hand, I’d load my cart with anything that looked good. What I finally realized was how much waste this resulted in. Without a grocery list and a meal plan in place, I overspent on groceries and I bought way too much food, some of which would go to waste and end up in the trash.

Wasted Time

In an effort to keep my grocery shopping in check, I started working strictly off of a grocery list. I’d jot down items I needed from the store and only buy those specific things. This significantly lowered our grocery budget, which felt amazing! I was no longer throwing random foods in my cart, I now had a plan in place.

Streamlined Grocery Shopping

Eventually, I realized I could improve grocery shopping my streamlining things and creating an organized grocery list template. This printable grocery list helps me organize foods into categories, which saves so much time! I used to bring an unorganized list to the store, but I got frustrated with the time I wasted walking back and forth across the store.

I’m all about saving time, and I knew there had to be a more efficient way to do my grocery shopping. Having an organized grocery list that I could print again and again is a lifesaver! Now, I can get in and out of the grocery store in the fastest and most budget-conscious way possible.

An organized grocery list makes shopping so much easier! Check out this pretty printable. Click through to the blog post to download the free printable!

Click here to download this free printable grocery list!

This printable grocery list includes sections for each area of the grocery store to help you stay organized. It also has space to write in your meal plan. In last week’s blog post, I shared how I create a meal plan but don’t assign meals to specific dates.

I jot down all of our meal options in the meal plan box, but you can, of course, write down the days of the week next to each meal if you prefer organizing your meal plan that way.

I do recommend creating a meal plan for a week or two and then going grocery shopping based on that plan. Having an organized grocery list and meal plan saves me time at the store and money because I only buy the things we need.

I like to hang this grocery list on the fridge and add items to it as we use them up during the week. Then, before I head to the grocery store, I create a meal plan for the next couple weeks (using up much food on hand as possible). I add any ingredients I need to make our meals to the grocery list, and then I head to the store.

How do you organize your grocery list?

Happy organizing,


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