August 28, 2020  

Our Simple System For Organizing & Washing Face Masks

Looking for ideas to organize face masks? Wondering how to wash masks and what to do with dirty masks until laundry day? Here’s the simple system i set up in our house!

entryway table with face masks on it

Organizing face masks was most definitely not on my editorial calendar at the start of this year. But alas, it’s 2020 and now we all have face mask collections that seem to keep multiplying!

I set out to create a very simply system for organizing clean masks and storing used masks until laundry day. If you’re looking for ideas, let me show you what we’re doing in our house!


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How To Organize Face Masks

Before we dive into the blog post, you can get a super quick look at my mask setup in this video:


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Where’s a logical spot to store clean masks?

When it comes to clean face masks, locate them near your car keys or the door where they’ll be easy to grab when you leave the house. Hopefully this will help you remember your mask!

I decided to locate our masks in our little entryway. It’s right by the door and we already use the console table as a drop zone for car keys, backpacks, shoes, etc.

small entryway with face masks on table

I also recommend keeping a couple of backup masks for yourself and your kids in your car. I also have an extra one in the bag I take to my office every day just in case I forget one or need a clean one. I’ve also seen people storing masks in little keychain change pouches that can clip onto your backpack or purse.

What’s the best way to keep masks organized?

There are a couple of options for storing your clean face masks: containers or hooks.

You could hang them all on a coat hook or add a little Command hook next to the door. Or you could do what I opted for, which is a small container on our console table.

I used a simple clear drawer organizer I had leftover from organizing our kitchen. A pretty wooden or brass tray or a small basket would also be a great way to store masks on a table.

close up of face masks and hand sanitizer in a clear bin

How To Launder Cloth Face Masks

How should I store used masks Until Laundry Day?

Cloth face masks should be washed after each wear. But where do you put them until it’s laundry day?

I have not found guidance on this directly from the CDC, but common sense says you want to designate one spot for dirty masks so they don’t contaminate other things.

I hung a small mesh laundry bag on a coat hook in our entryway. That way we can immediately remove our masks and place them directly in the laundry bag. Then on laundry day, it’s as simple as zipping the bag closed and tossing them in the washing machine.

Psst….I didn’t find many small laundry bags with hooks but you can find my exact one on Amazon.

backpack and mesh laundry bag hanging on coat hooks

How do you safely launder cloth masks?

According to the CDC, face masks should be washed after every use. The CDC says it’s okay to wash your masks in the same load with your regular laundry, though you could wash them in a separate small load if you want.

Use regular laundry detergent and select the warmest water temperature that your mask material can handle. My personal suggestion is to use a detergent that’s not packed with chemicals since you’ll be breathing it in through your mask all day.

To dry, use the highest heat setting and leave in the dryer until completely dry. You can also lay flat and allow to air dry, preferably in direct sunlight.

More details on washing your masks in a machine and by hand are available on the CDC website.

backpack and mesh laundry bag hanging on coat hooks

I hope that was helpful to you! With school and activities starting back up, I know a lot of families are leaving the house more than you may have over the summer. Creating a simple system like ours for storing and washing masks will help you stay just a bit more sane ;).

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Have a fantastic day!

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  1. Hi, Emily!
    Just subscribed and already appreciate much from you!
    A thought about where to place used face masks…I don’t feel confident or comfortable about putting possibly contaminated masks in a mesh bag with all those holes. I had considered that for myself.

    What I found that I keep in the car is a kind of “wet-proof” small bag with a zipper. At the Dollar Store! Or if I would want one in a spot like yours, perhaps a medium sized bag with handles, again can be found at a Dollar Store. Just another thought for folks.
    Blessings, Deeb

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