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Organizing Kids’ Books With Book Ledges

There are many ways to organize kids’ books, but one of my favorite organizing ideas for kids’ bedrooms is to add book ledges! Take a look at the modern acrylic book ledges we added to this small wall in our daughter’s pink bedroom.

Book ledges are such a fun and functional way to organize kids’ books! We took this otherwise unused little wall between the bedroom door and closet and turned it into a mini library full of some of our favorite books.

Book ledges can also double as decor and are a great way to fill a blank wall in a kids’ bedroom, nursery, or playroom. And they not only look cute, but my daughter also asks to read them way more often when they’re all on display. Win-win!

We added these book ledges as part of her pink bedroom makeover. Check out this post for a full room tour with all the details and source links.

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Young girl looking at her book collection displayed with ledges on the wall.

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Kids’ Book Organization: Book Ledges!

When I was planning Chloe’s pink bedroom makeover, book ledges were one of the very first things I added to the list. I love how cute they look, plus I knew she’d be more likely to want to read them when they were displayed nicely as opposed to being shoved in baskets or on a shelf.

You can hang book ledges on any blank wall, but they’re a really great way to use an otherwise unusable wall like this little wall between the bedroom door and closet. What a great way to add something functional to this small wall space, right?!

I found these clear acrylic book ledges on Amazon. I like that the clear shelves don’t detract from an already-busy wall full of books.

These clear book ledges come in a pack of four and include screws and wall anchors so you have everything needed to hang them up. I cut four strips of painter’s tape the length of the shelves and used them to figure out the spacing. I moved them up and down a few times using some books as guides for how much space to leave in between each ledge.

I added this adorable unicorn on top and there’s room underneath for a basket (although I want to find a little step stool to put underneath so Chloe can reach the upper shelves).

These book ledges are such a great addition to a kids’ bedroom! Chloe loves choosing bedtime stories from the books we have displayed, and I’ve started rotating the books every month or so.

At first, we added all of our library books to the book ledges, and then at Christmas time our Elf on the Shelf filled up the book ledges with all of our Christmas books (see below). It was so fun to have festive books ready to grab at bedtime! Elfie even gave us a couple of new Christmas books to add to our collection.

I love the idea of switching things up seasonally and am excited to decorate them for Valentine’s Day next! I’m gathering up a few little pink and red garlands and will fill up the book ledges with all the books I can gather up about love or maybe just ones that have pink and red covers. It’s been so fun!

Amazon Finds: Book Ledges

I rounded up some awesome book ledges from Amazon. These would all be great options for book organization in a kids’ room, nursery, or playroom.

  1. Natural Wood Shelves
  2. Natural Wood Shelves With Front Bar
  3. Pink Floating Shelves
  4. White Shelves With Natural Front
  5. Orange Metal Shelves With Hooks
  6. Rattan Wall Shelves
  7. White Shelves
  8. Rustic Wood Shelves
  9. Clear Acrylic Shelves
  10. Dark Wooden Shelves
  11. Rainbow Iridescent Acrylic Shelves
  12. Blue Floating Shelves
  13. Wood Shelves With Acrylic Front
  14. Wire Basket Shelves

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