February 12, 2021  

Organizing Pots & Pans (and a must-have cabinet organizer)

Getting pots and pans organized is an easy project you can do in a matter of minutes. Here’s how to get them in order, plus how to install the best organizer for a builder-grade cabinet.

woman taking pan out of cabinet

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Are your pots and pans a mess to dig through? Mine, too! I’ve been working my way through our kitchen getting small spaces organized, and I’ve reached the cabinet where all my pots and pans live.

They’ve always been kept in a heap in this lower cabinet, and it’s pretty difficult to find what I need without letting them all spill out onto the floor. I installed a drawer that I found at The Container Store in another lower cabinet, and it was super easy, so I found another one by the same brand that is made specifically for pots and pans.

Read on for the drawer installation process, as well as how to pare down your stash of pots and pans so you can put them where they belong (and keep them organized)!

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Pots, pans, and lids Organization

1. Step back and assess what is and isn’t working

Before you get started, take a good look at your space and consider what you like about it and what you don’t. Take note of what’s been driving you crazy (for me, this was the pans always falling out of their heap) and what you like (I like where my pans are located next to the stove).

Then, write down what your ideal space would look like and how it would function. What needs improving? What works well? What should you invest in to create more organization?

cookware cabinet

2. Take everything out of your cabinet and wipe it out

Remove all your pots, pans, and other odds and ends from the cabinet. Set them all in a central location so you can see what you’ve got.

Then, clean out the inside of the cabinet to remove any dust, spills, or small crumbs that may have been hiding in there. Cleaning is an important step in any organizing project – it feels so good to start fresh!

3. Get rid of the things you don’t need or use

When you’re sorting through your pots and pans, be honest with yourself about which ones you actually use. I feel like it’s easy to accumulate a lot of odds and ends over time, random pans from old sets and sizes you just don’t use. Plus we all probably have an extra pot lid or two.

Purge what you don’t need and pare down your assortment to the few essential pots and pans you use all the time. After all, how many pans do you really need at one time? I definitely didn’t need all of the ones shown in the below photo, that’s for sure!

pots and pans sitting on kitchen floor

4. Return the pots and pans with a new system in mind

Now it’s time to find the best system for your space and put things where they belong. This may include stacking them or adding hangers or shelves. Also, consider adding an organizer for lids.

I discovered Lynk drawers at The Container Store back when I organized my baking supplies (check out that project here!) and I knew that the similar drawer with pot and pan organizers included would work perfectly for this project.

There are two sizes, one narrower and one wider for different size cabinets, and I have the smaller one. It holds 6 pans really nicely and is even designed to hold the lids on top of the pans!

I love how good this looks, but I love even more how it keeps them organized with so little effort!

woman taking pan out of cabinet

how to install the drawer

I promise you the drawer installation is really easy, all you need is a drill and a screwdriver!

First, you screw a mounting bracket onto the bottom of your cabinet. They provide a paper template that folds over the front of the cabinet so it shows exactly where the mounting bracket should sit and where to drill the holes. It really is foolproof!

Drill four small pilot holes in the base of your cabinet so the screws go in easily, then screw the mounting bracket to your cabinet bottom.

From there, you align the four holes on the drawer piece with four holes on the mounting bracket and use a screwdriver to screw the drawer in place.

That’s all there is to it! It only took about 5 minutes to do this, all while I had noodles boiling on the stove ;).

cookware cabinet with chrome drawers installed
woman in the kitchen with organized cookware cabinet

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