October 22, 2015  

My idea of fun: Hanging out in the paint aisle – ORC Week 3

I was a total decorating geek the other day when I headed to the spray paint aisle, pulled out a copy of my craft studio mood board, and began holding it up next to every can of spray paint on the shelf, selecting the perfect matches to my jewel tone color palette.

Craft Studio Color Palette

Have I ever told you how obsessed with paint colors I am? My idea of a fun afternoon is drooling over the pretty display of paint chips at the hardware store.

I left the store with a shopping bag filled with a colorful array of spray paint to use on projects in my soon-to-be craft studio. Today is the beginning of week three of the One Room Challenge, where bloggers spend six weeks making over a room in their home.

Are you the same way I am when decorating in that things tend to look a lot worse before they start looking better? I’m at that stage where I’ve started accumulating furniture and supplies, and have so many projects in progress scattered around the room. It’s pretty much chaos down there right now. Especially since I keep picking up pretty accessories for the room, like these newest finds:

To Do List With Brilliant Idea Notebook

This has definitely been a week of painting, which is apparent to anyone that walks in our house and is instantly overpowered by the paint fumes coming from our basement. Is it bad when you don’t really notice the fumes any more?

If you remember from last week’s post, I had a list of four things I wanted to accomplish this week:

1. Build a big work table for the middle of the room.

I lucked out on this one. My sister is moving next week and no longer needed a few pieces of furniture, including a table. So I called dibs on it and my mom was kind enough to deliver it to my house earlier this week. I am crossing this task of the list.

2. Research brighter lighting options to replace the single bulb.

I started to do some research, but then my shiny-object syndrome got the best of me and I instead ended up on Pinterest pinning pretty things. Oops.

3. Prep the four yellow chairs for painting and decide on paint colors.

I stripped the paint off of two of the chairs, and then got so excited about painting them that I went in search of paint. So, two chairs have been prepped and are in the middle of a paint job. One chair is aqua and the other a royal blue. I’m still undecided on what I’ll end up painting the other two. Leave me a comment with your thoughts!

Craft Studio Yellow ChairsCraft Studio Blue Spray PaintsAqua Chair Half Painted Close Up      Blue Chair Half Painted Close Up

4. Hang curtain in front of the ugly storage shelves.

The curtain is hung! Crossing this off the list.

Craft Studio Curtain

I was apparently in the painting mood this week, because I also painted a triangle design onto a big indoor/outdoor area rug. Once the rug is dry, it will be placed under the new table.

Craft Studio Area Rug

My mom stopped by yesterday afternoon, and she just shook her head and laughed at the craziness going on in our basement. I’m pretty sure both she and my husband are skeptical that this room will actually look good when it’s done. They both raised their eyebrows at my rug-painting project. But I’m not worried – I know the end result is going to be fabulous.

My goals for this coming week are:

  1. Finish painting all four chairs.
  2. Move in the table and desk.
  3. Research lighting options.
  4. Find a fun tablecloth to protect the table during crafting shenanigans.

Craft Studio Spray Paint In Row

I need your votes for the final two chair colors! Your options are purple, green, mint, and white. (The two I’ve already started are a light aqua and a royal blue.) Comment below with your vote!

This has been so much fun to follow the progress of other bloggers’ room makeovers during the One Room Challenge. Head over to Calling It Home to find links to all of this week’s room updates for 150+ other bloggers.

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  1. I wish I wouldn’t have passed on my creative juices to my daughters! Haha Not sure where you get it from, Dad?, but I love your new room! Mumsey

    1. Thanks Mom! Not sure where my creative genes come from, but you must have some hidden inside you somewhere. I don’t think I get it from dad.

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