March 11, 2019  

Painting Wicker Baskets From The Thrift Store

Have you tried painting wicker baskets? Today’s DIY tutorial will teach you how to paint thrift store baskets to look like expensive dip-dyed baskets for a fraction of the price.

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Welcome to the spring edition of the Thrift Shop Challenge! It definitely doesn’t feel anywhere close to spring around here, but I’m hoping this means an end to all of this snow is near.

I join up with a few of my blogging friends every few months to share affordable makeovers we do with thrift store finds. Last time around, I painted my craft cabinet with chalk paint and it’s now one of my favorite furniture pieces! You may also remember the painted lamp makeover I shared during the challenge last fall.

For this season’s Thrift Shop Challenge, I went thrifting in search of baskets. Most thrift stores have dozens of baskets so they are easy to find and are perfect for organizing all sorts of things around the house.


I scored BIG last week when I found these three larger baskets at two nearby thrift stores. I don’t often come across secondhand baskets of this size so I was really excited about my finds. The larger basket with leather handles looks brand new! Total cost for the baskets was $17.

These baskets were all in great shape but I wanted to turn them into a more cohesive set. And that, my friend, leads us to today’s thrift store basket makeover! Keep on reading to learn all about painting baskets (it’s easy!).


How To Paint Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are often easy to find at thrift stores, but they may need a little updating to fit your style. So that’s where paint comes in! YES, you really can paint wicker baskets and it’s incredibly easy to do.

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Step 1: Clean Your Basket

If your thrift store wicker basket is dusty or dirty, clean it before you begin painting. Scrubbing them with warm, soapy water will do the trick. Allow your basket to dry completely before painting.

Step 2: Prep Your Work Area

When you’re using spray paint, it’s always a good idea to take a few minutes to set up a protected, well-ventilated work area.

Since it’s still freezing here, I resorted to spray painting my wicker baskets in the garage. I have this spray shelter which is basically a big tent to contain your paint spray. I set it up in the garage, covered the floor with a drop cloth, and opened the garage door partway for ventilation.

If you don’t have a fancy spray shelter, protect your floor and walls with drop cloths or large pieces of cardboard.

If your baskets are small, cut one side off a big box and use that as a mini paint booth.


Step 3: Paint Your Base Coat

Spray paint your entire basket with the light gray color. This chalk paint adheres to wicker really well and provides great coverage so you don’t need any kind of primer.

When spray painting baskets, do light coats on both the inside and outside. The uneven wicker pattern is a little tricky to paint, so you’ll need to spray it from all angles to get everything fully covered.


I did one coat with my baskets standing right side up, waited for them to dry, then flipped the baskets upside down and did another coat. Once the second coat was dry, I inspected the baskets and applied more spray paint on any spots I’d missed.

I am really happy with the full coverage of this chalk paint. I started with three different colors of baskets and wasn’t sure if they’d all look the same color after I was done. But I was really excited that they looked like a cohesive set of baskets after the base coat dried.


Step 4: Paint A Dip Dyed Effect

Once your base coat dries, it’s time to add the blue dip dye effect. To do this, you’ll need to tape off the part of the basket that you don’t want to be blue.

Add a strip of painter’s tape along the edge of your paper and then stick the tape down onto your basket. The placement is up to you, I taped mine about halfway up the basket.

Tape paper all the way around your basket until the top of the basket if fully protected by paper. Press your tape down as firmly as you can on the wicker.


Then add a light coat of the blue spray paint. I did one coat of blue with the baskets right side up, flipped them upside down once dry, and did a second coat with the baskets upside down.


Step 5: Add Labels (Optional)

You can add labels to your basket or just leave it plain, it’s totally up to you!

I finished off my wicker basket makeover with a set of DIY chalkboard labels. These are made with chalkboard paper and attached to the basket with small brad fasteners.


I cannot believe how pretty these baskets turned out! They look like an expensive set of baskets, not $17 worth of thrift store baskets.


Baskets are a great way to organize all sorts of things around the house so I love to have pretty ones!

These painted wicker baskets are going to find a home in our living room organizing blankets, toys, books and more.


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Pssst…want to declutter your house but don’t know where to start? Get your hands on my free guide that helps you clear out the clutter following the KonMari Method. Click here to download the Ultimate KonMari Method Checklist.


Have a great day!

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