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Before & After: Chloe’s Pink Bedroom

Our daughter’s pink bedroom makeover is the girly room every little girl wishes for. Come see how we decorated and organized our preschooler’s bedroom! Paint Colors: Meet Cute and Pink Sky by Clare Paint.

When your little girl asks for a pink bedroom for her birthday, you deliver! I gave Chloe the pink room of her dreams for her fourth birthday and to say she’s obsessed is an understatement. She LOVES it!

I set out to strike a balance of giving our 4-year-old the pink room of her dreams while still making it a space she can grow into. And here’s how it turned out!

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Chloe’s Room Before & After

We moved into this house two weeks before Chloe’s due date (thankfully she came a full week late!). We quickly painted the walls white and set up some furniture, and I slowly added some decor to the walls when she was a baby. (Btw she “doesn’t get why we ever painted her walls white when her favorite color is PINK”. Oh, the attitude of a preschooler!”)

But beyond replacing her crib-turned-toddler-bed with a full-sized bed a year ago, her bedroom has remained largely untouched. And it never actually felt “done” in the first place so it was fun to finally have time to focus on giving her room a proper makeover!





Keep scrolling for a full tour of her new room, but first let’s look at a few before and afters side by side:

Pink Bedroom Makeover

Pretty Pink Paint Colors For A Kids’ Room

Chloe’s main request was pink walls, and we chose this darling girly-yet-sophisticated pink from Clare Paint called Meet Cute. And we added a pretty pop of darker pink to the inside of her closet (Pink Sky, also by Clare). These two pretty pink paint colors pair so well together!

Pink Bedding For A Girl’s Room

We gave Chloe a full-sized bed with new bedding for Christmas a year ago so that all stayed put. The pink coverlet looks great with the new wall color!

As a last-minute surprise, I hung a dusty blue canopy over her bed and looped a pretty strand of star string lights inside. I also lined the ceiling with a couple of strips of color-changing LED lights and the room feels pretty magical all lit up at night!

Organized Closet For a Kids’ Room

I was planning to paint the closet the same color as the walls but made a last-minute change to a darker pink (Pink Sky by Clare). The darker pop of pink was most definitely the right decision–I think this view of the closet is my favorite!

This bedroom is on the small side so we removed the closet doors and slid a large dresser inside to maximize space. What kid needs a bunch of hanging closet space, anyway? The dresser holds all of her clothes and the bins up on the shelf provide great storage for extra bedding, seasonal things, and outgrown clothes. I’d ideally replace the wire shelf with something nicer looking some time, but it works just fine for now!

This cute white dresser has worked in this closet since Chloe was a baby, originally doubling as a changing table and now it’s transitioned into a place for our four-year-old to store all of her jewelry and pretty things. I added a few containers to help her keep her growing collection of headbands and necklaces and princess wands organized. The headband holder, necklace stand, and container with her lotion bottle in it are all so adorable!

Organizing Kids’ Books With Book Ledges

I’ve always imagined adding book ledges to this tiny wall between the doorway and closet, and finally made it happen! I hung up four of these adorable acrylic picture ledges and having books on display definitely makes them more appealing for kids to grab!

I’ve already had fun creating a Christmas-themed book display and am about to deck them out for Valentine’s Day. Such an easy way to celebrate the holidays, and something Chloe thought was the coolest!

I added this sweet pink unicorn head above the books and it looks so cute on this little wall! I also saw this clever DIY unicorn light that I’d love to make for this spot one day.

Cozy Area Rug

I covered the boring beige carpet with this pretty plush area rug and was amazed at how different the room looke and felt! The white instantly made the room feel fresh and clean, and the pattern adds a nice texture and cozy feel.

Affordable Large Framed Art

The huge frame + art above the bed only cost me $35 and I had it ordered and hung up in the same day, all with curbside pickup! The unicorn art is a digital download from Etsy which I had printed at Walgreens. I hung it in this large poster frame from Michaels.


One thing Chloe’s room was lacking was a mirror! To keep this room makeover budget-friendly, I actually added two mirrors we already owned.

The starburst mirror over the dresser (similar one here) looks so pretty and helps bounce some light around the closet. And I stole the full-length mirror from my bedroom and gave it the perfect spot on the wall next to the closet.

Wall Hooks

I’m a firm believer that every bedroom needs a few wall hooks! We moved the white peg hooks to the wall behind the door and they’ve become a nice spot for all of her dress-up clothes and pretty things to hang.

I also have a few of these nice pink wall hooks that I still need to hang up–one on the back of her door and another one or two by the mirror/closet somewhere I think. They’re the same hooks (but a different color) that I used in our nursery.

Pink Bedroom Sources

And that’s a little tour of our four-year-old’s pink bedroom! I still have a few little projects in mind for her room this year, but for now, she’s in love with her “big girl” room. What’s your favorite part of this space?

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Have a fantastic day!

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