October 6, 2021  

Powersheets 101: How To Cultivate Intentional Goals This Year (Plus A 2022 Powersheets Review!)

Updated 10/6/2021 | Published 10/16/2019

Ready to make real progress on your goals? Here’s everything you need to know about the Powersheets Intentional Goal Planner. Includes a review of the 2022 Powersheets!

Smart women write down their goals for the year.

Smart and intentional women write down their goals for the year and create action plans that keep them focused all year long.

If you’re into personal goal setting and have a desire inside you to be a goal-getter this year, then you need a goal-setting tool to guide you. Sure, you can use pen and paper but how about you instead use a tool that has a proven goal-setting process built right into it?

The Powersheets Intentional Goal Planner is basically your personal, self-led goal-setting coach. Using Powersheets has been a game-changer for me these past few years. It’s changed the way I set goals and it’s how I’ve remained focused on my goals every single day all year long.

Today’s blog post details exactly what Powersheets is, what it isn’t, what to expect, and more. And I even have the lowdown on everything that’s new with the 2022 Powersheets.

Fair warning: Once you start using Powersheets, you’ll be hooked! Seriously, this workbook is so gorgeous and so powerful!



Powersheets Basics

What are PowerSheets?

The Powersheets Intentional Goal Planner is a gorgeous 12-month goal planner that helps you discover “good” goals that really matter to you. It was designed to help you create powerful goals that help you live a life of intention and purpose.

I like to think of Powersheets as self-guided goal coaching. This workbook helps me create the right goals and is a place for me to check in on my progress all year long. None of that getting to the end of the year and realizing you don’t even remember your goals. With Powersheets, I have reached some huge milestones in the past few years.

What’s inside Powersheets, exactly?

The Powersheets Intentional Goal Planner includes the following sections:

  1. Prep Work – 30+ pages of detailed exercises, reflection questions, and journaling prompts that help you dig deep and create intentional goals for the year.
  2. Annual Goal Setting & Action Planning – Take all of your prep work and turn it into tangible goals. This section will help you choose good goals and create action plans for each one.
  3. Quarterly Refreshes – Assess your progress and refresh or change your goals at the beginning of every season. These are great checkpoints to assess how things are going, celebrate your progress, and take a moment to review and revise your goals.
  4. Monthly Planning – Plan the month ahead using the worksheets in each monthly tab. There’s also a page for reflection at the end of the month.
  5. Monthly Tending Lists – The monthly Tending Lists are where you’ll commit to daily, weekly and monthly action items that all tie back to your goals. These are the main attraction of Powersheets, where the action happens. You’ll be referring to these pages often as you track your progress throughout the month. Tending Lists are perforated so you can tear them out and clip right into your planner if you like.
  6. Celebrate – Powersheets ends the year with a page to celebrate the highlights and big achievements of the year!

Facebook Community – In addition to the actual planner, you get an invite to the Powersheets Facebook Community which is always full of positive conversation. It seriously feels like a group of girlfriends all encouraging each other, brainstorming goals and action steps for others, and celebrating each others’ wins.

Goal School – This is a goal-setting coaching membership that you get access to for FREE with your purchase of Powersheets!

Why are PowerSheets important?

Powersheets are a proven goal-setting process that has has a positive impact on thousands of women. Powersheets are designed to help you set goals that really matter to you. And it’s so much more than just a few pages where you set goals at the beginning of the year.

Powersheets takes your hand and guides you through the entire year with regular check-ins and monthly action plans. Using Powersheets gives you a road map to follow to make intentional, meaningful, significant progress on your biggest goals.

Do Powersheets replace my planner?

Powersheets is a goal planner and does not replace the need for a traditional daily or weekly planner.

Powersheets planners do include a monthly calendar two-page spread. So if that’s all the space you need to plan appointments and meetings and things, then you could actually do it all with Powersheets.

But most people will have both a daily or weekly planner plus their Powersheets Intentional Goal Planner.

I personally use the Full Focus Planner for my daily planning. It has space for to-do lists, time blocking, and schedules. It also has a built-in goal-setting system that complements Powersheets really well! So I use Powersheets to set goals for the year, quarters, and months, then I rip out my tending list and keep it tucked inside my Full Focus Planner so it’s top of mind all month long.

top down view of girl writing in Powersheets Goal Planner

How do I know if Powersheets are for me?

Are you thinking any of these things?

  • “I’ve already tried a lot of different ways to do goal setting—I feel defeated! What if I don’t follow through?”
  • “I don’t know if this is how I want to spend my money.”
  • “I can figure this out on my own. I’ll grab a notebook and jot down a to-do list for each day!”
  • “Goal setting just doesn’t work for me.”

If you’re wondering if Powersheets are really for you, go read this blog post to learn if they are a good fit for you.

Are Powersheets really worth it?

Yes, if…

  • You’re committed to using it all year long
  • You’re willing to dig deep and complete the prep work in order to create meaningful goals
  • You’re ready to put in the work and make real progress this year
  • You want to find clarity on what matters to you

No, if…

  • You know you won’t use it
  • You’re not willing to put in the work to make your goals a reality
  • You think personal development is a waste of time
  • You’re happy with your life as it is
  • You truly cannot afford it

What You Need To Know ABout The 2022 Powersheets

What’s new With the 2022 Powersheets?

  • Word of the Year card – This cute card is back this year after a hiatus in 2021! You’ll find the gold-foil card tucked inside your Powersheets. as well as a quick-start guide.
  • Beautiful Gift Box – This year’s Powersheets come paired with a matching 10-Year Anniversary Gift Box.
  • Updated Cultivated Life Evaluation – This section of Powersheets helps you audit the different areas of yoru life (finances, relationships, health, etc). These pages have a fresh new look and the categories make appearances throughout the planner this year.
  • Updated Prep Work Instructions – The prep work is just as impactful as ever but the team revisited this section and updated it for clarity so it’s even easier to complete.
  • New Goal-Setting Guidelines – If you ever feel stuck on how to break down your goals or follow through on them, you’ll love this reimagined section! This provides a new layer of goal-setting guidance to set you up for success.
  • Refreshed Monthly Prep Pages – The Tending List looks pretty much the same, but the rest of the monthly pages have been tweaked a bit.
  • Refreshed Quarterly Refreshes – These got a huge update last year and look mostly the same with a few tweaks to the design and teaching.

What cover designs are available for 2022?

There are SIX gorgeous cover designs this year! Blooms, Teal, Coral Pink, Natural Linen, Clear Skies, and Green. The Powersheets team knocks it out of the park with beautiful covers every single year. I’m always blown away!

how much do Powersheets cost?

The 2022 Powersheets One-Year Intentional Goal Planner is $62.


The 2022 Powersheets measure 7.75 x 10.5 inches. They are printed on high-quality, acid-free, wood-free (won’t yellow!) 120 gsm paper.

Which Powersheets Planner should I purchase?

I recommend investing in the one-year dated workbook if you’re starting in January or early in the year. It’s the best value and gets you through the full 12 months. Also be sure to check out the bundles available for launch this year so you can snag some savings on some of the pretty accessories, too!

If you are discovering Powersheets partway through the year, they do also sell a 6-month undated workbook (usually not released until closer to summer) so you can jump in at any time during the year.

How to use PowerSheets to set intentional goals

How Do I Use Powersheets?

Powersheets is a huge workbook that’s carefully designed to walk you through every step of the goal-getting process all year long. Seriously, every page includes instructions, prompts, and detailed worksheets. You’ll be guided through the entire process!

See the next question for a breakdown of each section of Powersheets including an estimate of how much time you’re committing to working inside this planner.

How much of a time commitment Is This?

  • Annually – The prep work is best done slowly as you will likely want to mull over some things for a few days. I personally like to plan for 3 or 4 hour-long planning sessions during one weekend in November or December. Others tend to prefer breaking it up into 30-minute chunks of time over the course of a week.
  • Quarterly – Plan to spend an hour completing the quarterly refreshes at the end of March, June, and September. It’s like a mini goal-setting retreat!
  • Monthly – Plan to set aside 30-60 minutes at the end of each month to complete the end-of-month reflection page and set goals for the month ahead. I usually take mine to work and do this during my lunch break on one of the last days of the month.
  • Weekly or Daily – To get the most out of Powersheets, you’ll also want to schedule daily or weekly check-ins to review your tending list and track your progress. Checking in on my tending list is now part of my morning routine and only takes a couple of minutes, I just check off anything that I accomplished and read through the list to remind myself of my goals. I rip my tending list out and tuck it inside my daily planner so it stays top of mind.

When do I start the prep work?

The first 30 or so pages inside Powersheets are what is referred to as Prep Work. These are the pages where you will do a lot of reflection and deep work and soul searching as you uncover your goals for the new year.

Prep work can begin at any time. You don’t want to rush it, so be sure to give yourself some time as you will likely want to work on a bit at a time over the course of a few days. I typically wait and work on mine for a few days sometime in December. Your purchase includes enrollment in Goal School, which is a video coaching resource that can help you work through the Prep Work.

tending list inside Powersheets goal planner

what are some other must-have Planning Accessories?

I love this question! Once you invest in Powersheets, you’ll likely want to treat yourself to a few coordinating pens, stickers, and other accessories. It’s all part of the planning fun! There are always a number of cute accessories that launch along with the Powersheets.

Here are a few items I personally recommend:

Stickers – Planning is always more fun with stickers! I honestly am not big into using stickers all over my planners, but I really do love adding a few fun stickers to my list of goals and the Tending List for each month. I highly recommend picking up the goal-setting sticker book! They’re so fun and have tons of stickers.

Accessory Pouches – Since I often do my Powersheets planning during my lunch breaks at the office or while sitting on the couch, I like to have a pretty zippered accessory pouch for carrying all of my pens and stickers around with me. The new Carry All Pouch is also really handy to protect your Powersheets.

Page Markers – I frequently flip back and forth between a few pages of my Powersheets, so page markers are very helpful! I like to bookmark my goals list and my current tending list. You can use a jumbo paper clip (I got some at TJ Maxx a while ago), these Post-It tabs work great, and the Powersheets magnetic page markers are also really pretty. There is also a new Snap-In Bookmark.

Snap-In Wildcard HolderThis is new for 2022 and I’m so excited about it! Wildcards are extra printables you can choose to download and add into your PowerSheets, and now this gives you a place to put them!

Colorful Pens – Here are the other pens I love to use for planning:

Do you have any questions about Powersheets? Leave them below so I can help and encourage you! And let me know which cover design you choose!

>>> Shop the full 2022 Powersheets collection here. <<<

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