May 8, 2021  

Pregnancy Check-in: We’re At The Halfway Point!

Sharing a little recap today of the first HALF of our pregnancy. Yes, I’m already 23 weeks along and we’ll be meeting baby boy in no time! And also yes, we have lots to do before his arrival!

I’m 23 weeks pregnant which means I’m officially at the halfway point of pregnancy. The time is really flying!

I’ve gotten a lot of baby-related questions lately and thought I’d document them all in one big blog post. This is the first blog post I’ve written about this pregnancy so I feel like I have a lot to catch you up on!

Today I’m answering some of your FAQs about how pregnancy is going, how Chloe feels about having a baby brother, nursery plans, name possibilities, and more.

Answering All Your Questions About Baby Counts

When is baby counts due and how did you find out?

Baby is due August 30th! We found out the week of Christmas which was a really special way to start the holiday week and wonderful news to end the year.

Because we were working closely with a fertility specialist, there was a lot of specific timing involved and we took a pregnancy test pretty much as early as you can find out. So we’ve known from the time we were just a couple of weeks along. I’ll share more detail about our infertility journey in a future blog post.

Did you find out the gender?

It’s a BOY! We did blood work early on which revealed the gender and to say I was shocked is an understatement. I really thought it would be another girl! We’re so excited to meet out baby boy in a few short months.

Do you have names picked out?

We’re struggling with boy names! We had an easy time with girl names, but I’m having a harder time thinking of boy names. I’m sure it will come to us, but for now, we’re still exploring ideas and don’t have any frontrunners.

How are you feeling?

The first trimester was pretty miserable with constant nausea and fatigue all the way up to the 12-week mark. Once the second trimester hit, it was like a light switch flipped and I felt instantly better which was a huge relief. I felt mostly like my normal self from week 12 to week 20, and now the past couple of weeks I’ve started feeling very achy, uncomfortable, and large.

How has this pregnancy differed from your first?

For the most part, they’ve felt pretty similar with constant nausea in the beginning except I puked a lot more with Chloe. I was able to manage the nausea much better with this pregnancy and only puked twice.

I’ve also eaten a lot more normally this pregnancy, unlike last time when I had a hard time eating a lot of foods and pretty much ate cereal and granola bars only for the first few months. I haven’t really had any cravings this time around and I had pretty strong cravings during my first pregnancy.

When did you tell your family?

We were too excited to keep the news to ourselves for very long! We had Christmas gatherings with both sides of our family coming up and told them all then, so they all found out within a couple weeks of us knowing. We waited until about 10 weeks to share the news with extended family, friends, and coworkers.

With our first pregnancy, we waited to share our news until the standard 12-week mark. But this time around we didn’t really see the point in waiting. We wanted to share our excitement with our families! And after seeing so many friends experience devastating losses I just felt like I’d rather our families know about our pregnancy upfront in case things went wrong and we lost this baby and needed to lean on them for support.

what is the age difference between your daughter and baby?

Chloe is 3 years old and will turn 4 two months after baby is born, so there’s a 4-year gap between them.

To be honest, I’ve really struggled with the age difference. I grew up with siblings very close in age and always imagined my kids would be the same, but our infertility journey ultimately led to a bigger age gap than I imagined.

But now that we’re pregnant, I will say it feels like Chloe is at the perfect age to have a little baby brother. She’s going to be such a big helper and it’s definitely going to be nice that she can do a lot of things without much help these days.

Is Chloe excited to be a big sister?

Yes, she’s been very excited since the beginning! She was very set on a baby sister though, so it took her a bit to warm up to the idea of having a baby brother.

But now she’s really excited to meet baby and teach him everything she knows, like watching TV, eating snacks, playing with toys, etc. It’s been so fun to hear all the things her little mind thinks up about baby, like how she wants to put his crib in the hallway outside her room so she can see him but still close her door if he’s crying too much.

I’ve been loving all of her comments about baby brother, and at this point she’s starting to get pretty impatient about meeting him!

What have you done to prep for baby?

I’ve done a few things, but honestly it feels like I’ve barely done any baby prep so far. I think having your second child naturally means much less prep, especially super early prep, but I am starting to feel a little anxious about the lack of things we’ve done to get ready so far.

I do have a checklist of things we need to do and besides setting up the nursery there’s not a ton of things on it. We made an inventory of all the baby items we already have and didn’t really think of much we needed to purchase this time beyond boy clothes. I’ve visited a few consignment sales recently and stocked up on baby boy clothes, I’ve rounded up a few furniture pieces for the nursery, I finally bought some maternity clothes, and now I’m mainly focused on starting to decorate and set up the nursery.

What’s the plan for the nursery?

We will be turning our third bedroom into a nursery this summer. Lots of nursery decorating, DIY projects, and organizing to come this summer! Here’s the design direction this room is headed:

David currently uses this room as his office, both for his job and for his video games ;). After working from home for the past year, David recently started working at the office again which means we have fewer desks and things to find a spot for.

For right now, we’ll keep his desk and gaming computer in the corner of the nursery and move everything else to our unfinished basement. Once baby is sleeping in his crib, we’ll probably move the desk into our bedroom instead with a long-term plan to finish our basement.

Did you get vaccinated?

Yes, my doctors recommended I get vaccinated as soon as I had the opportunity. It’s been two weeks since my second shot so I’m officially vaccinated now which feels like a big relief!

I know there are a lot of differing opinions and concerns, but for me, I felt like the high risks of getting the virus while pregnant far outweighed the small risks associated with the vaccines. Besides being very tired the next day (which also could be blamed on pregnancy), I didn’t experience any symptoms after my vaccine which I’m thankful for!

Stay tuned for more baby-related blog posts and projects this summer!

Have a fantastic day!

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