July 27, 2021  

Pregnancy Essentials: 15 Of My Favorite Pregnancy Products

These are a few of my go-to products during this pregnancy. The maternity clothes I wore over and over again and the few products i reached for often.

Maternity Bump Photo

I’m officially in my final month of pregnancy and have had so many questions along the way about what pregnancy products I recommend.

So today I thought I’d share the handful of maternity clothes and products that I’ve reached for over and over again throughout the past eight months. I’d also love to hear what other products you recommend!

My general philosophy is to try to make due without buying many maternity clothes or pregnancy products. I found some open-front cardigans and shirts in my closet that fit me fine most of the way and even a few dresses that totally worked while pregnant. My advice is to use what you have and just buy a few basics as needed.

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  1. Blue Gym Shorts – These shorts or super comfy, very affordable, on Amazon Prime, and come in a bazillion colors!
  2. Water Tumbler – I’m a big water drinker all the time, but even more so while pregnant! This tumbler is huge and keeps your water cold for hours. Perfect to keep by your side all day!
  3. Basic T-shirt 3-Pack – These shirts are really soft and comfy and pretty much my maternity uniform. I wore that at home all the time with leggings and shorts, and I dressed them up for work by pairing them with jeans and an open-front cardigan. They come in many combinations of colors and are on Amazon Prime!
  4. Pajama Set – These pajamas aren’t maternity specific, but I bought them early on in this pregnancy and they’ve actually fit me the whole time! They’re ridiculously soft and comfortable, and helped me feel a little cute even on days where my whole body felt gross and achy.
  5. Striped Dress – This dress was an affordable purchase that I’ve gotten a lot of use out of for summer events and even to wear to work. It’s not a maternity dress but it has a higher waist and is plenty stretchy to fit your growing bump. This is one I’ll get a lot of wear out of post-pregnancy as well.
  6. Childhood History Journal – These journals are not only beautiful, but also such high quality. It includes sections to document your pregnancy through your child’s 18th birthday and I’ve really enjoyed these as opposed to a more traditional baby book. Highly recommend!
  7. Pregnancy Pillow – I cannot sleep without this pillow! It’s so helpful for keeping me sleeping on my side and the U shape gives me a pillow along my back so I can lean back and take pressure off of my hips while sleeping. It was a must-have during both of my pregnancies!
  8. Peppermint Essential Oil – I’ve never been an essential oil user before but I get a ton of headaches while pregnant and I discovered peppermint oil to be a great way to relieve headaches. Just a dab on my temples was enough to manage my headaches and avoid taking medication for the most part.
  9. Necessaire Body Serum & Body Lotion– I know there are a lot of lotions and creams marketed to pregnant women, but I just stuck with this amazing serum and lotion combo to keep my body moisturized, especially in the areas prone to stretch marks. I won’t claim that it prevented stretch marks or anything, but it’s definitely a high-quality brand that feels great on the skin.
  10. Massage Gun – I’m not a big massage person but wow has this come in handy while pregnant! It gives a pretty powerful massage and is great for targeted those areas that get really tight. You can use it to give yourself a massage or have your partner massage you with it.
  11. Blue Shirt – I bought this shirt on a whim as something to wear to the office and I was surprised with how soft and comfortable it is. Plus, I got tons of compliments on the color and how the sleeves have a bit of detail that makes it look a bit different than your ordinary T-shirt.
  12. Straight Leg Jeans – I’ve worn these so much! I bought two pairs of maternity jeans for this pregnancy and these were by far my favorite. The other pair was a skinny jean that I wore to the office a lot, but the looser fit of these straight leg jeans is way more comfortable than something form fitting. And every time I’ve worn them out or posted a photo with them on, I always get compliments! They’re cute but still comfy enough to wear around the house.
  13. Leggings – These leggings got a ton of wear around the house and to the gym. I love the super high waist and the pocket. Definitely a good staple, especially for workouts.
  14. Jean Shorts – These were a really inexpensive purchase that I wore all summer long. They’re a pretty basic jean short, but I liked the length and the waistband was comfortable. If you’ll be pregnant in the summer, a basic jean short is a good option and these are pretty cheap.
  15. Striped Shirt – This shirt is so cute! And you’ll be surprised at how cheap it is. It’s a maternity shirt but I honestly think I’ll wear it after pregnancy and no one would ever guess it’s maternity.

What pregnancy products or maternity clothing do you swear by? I’d love to hear in the comments or over in my Instagram messages!

Have a fantastic day!

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