June 3, 2022  

Organized Travel: A Free Printable Packing List For Your Next Trip

Planning a trip? Travel more organized with this free printable packing list.

When you’re traveling, the last thing you want to do is get to your destination and realize you forgot something important back at home!

I like to print a copy of this packing checklist a week ahead of a trip and write down a list of everything I need to bring. Then in leave it out on the kitchen island and it never fails that I remember additional items to add to the list throughout the week!

I hope this simple printable packing list will help you get organized the next time you travel, whether you’re headed on a short weekend getaway or an international trip.



When I’m packing my bag or suitcase, I always have that nagging feeling that I’m forgetting something. But with a packing list already created, packing is really easy! Just check everything off the list and I’m all set. I also like to set the list out so the day of the trip I can double check the list as a quick check that I have everything.

Printing off a copy of this packing list a week ahead of your trip will give you a place to jot down random items as you think of them, making packing much less stressful and hopefully avoiding the gut feeling of knowing you forgot something.

I kept this printable packing list super simple since everyone will be packing different items. The checklist is divided into six categories: clothing, toiletries, accessories, electronics, entertainment and miscellaneous.

If you’re prepping for a family vacation, it would work great to print a packing list for each family member so you have a list for yourself and for the kids. Or you can combine everything onto one list, it’s totally up to you!

Have a fantastic day!

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