January 21, 2016  

Organize Like a Pro With Free Printable Storage Labels

Let’s face it. We all have a space in our house that desperately needs a massive organization overhaul. Is there a certain area of your home that comes to mind right away? Maybe it’s your messy desk drawer or the disheveled mess in your linen closet. Or, if you’re like me, your kitchen cupboards are in complete disarray.

Keeping a space organized is no easy feat. I enjoy taking the challenge of a disorganized space and turning it into organized perfection. I know not everyone gets the same level of enjoyment I do from organizing, but organizing is pretty much inevitable so hopefully today’s printable storage labels freebie will help you tackle those organization projects you’ve been putting off for way too long.

This post is part of my Resolve to Get Organized series, where we’ve been spending the entire month of January chatting about all things organization, from to-do lists to schedules and from email inboxes to paper clutter. If you’ve happened on this post and it’s no longer January, that’s okay! Organizing is an ongoing process and any time is a good time to get started. Alrighty, let’s chat organization and labels!

Time to get organized! I just need to download these cute printable storage labels and start organizing.

Whenever I’m working on an organization project at home, pretty storage labels are a must. There are so many reasons to love labels. They make it easy to see at a glance what is in each container and they also allow you to quickly see where something belongs when you go to put it away. Plus, let’s be honest, labels are pretty!

Labeling things is great, but organizing with extra pretty labels is even better. Am I right?

I have several spots in my house that are in desperate need of organizing. So in an effort to motivate myself to finally dive into those projects, I decided to design some free printable labels. I’ll be honest, I’m all about bribing myself. If I’m stalling on an organizing project, enticing myself with pretty labels or new storage containers usually does the trick.

My latest organizing task was to tidy up my baking supplies. I placed them in uniform containers a while back, but I was lazy and never got around to labeling them. I’m not much of a baker, so this cupboard doesn’t get opened all that frequently anyway.

But I thought it was time I added the finishing touches with some fun labels. I designed two sizes of free printable organizing labels to fit my containers and wanted to share them with you today.

Time to get organized! I just need to download these cute printable storage labels and start organizing.

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Free Printable Organizing Labels

The beauty of free printable labels is their versatility. You can use them in all sorts of organizing projects in all corners of your home. I formatted these labels to print out on standard label paper or on card stock.

If you would like to print these on label paper, this layout should align fine on any brand of labels. The 30-per-page labels will fit on these address labels and the 10-per-page labels will fit on these large address labels (affiliate links). You can also print these out on regular printer paper or card stock.

Use a nice pen or marker to name each label, and then attach them to your storage containers. I like to use double-sided tape, and sometimes I find it helpful to punch a hole in the corners and attach them to baskets using ribbon or safety pins.

Click the photos below to download your free printable organizing labels:

Time to get organized! I just need to print off a page of these cute navy label printables.    Time to get organized! I just need to print off a page of these cute navy label printables.

Navy Printable Labels – 30 Per Page

Navy Printable Labels – 10 Per Page


Now, it’s time for you to choose an area of your house that needs organizing and get to work! Download your pretty organizing labels, print them out, and dive into your next organization project this weekend. I think I just might do the same.

What part of your house are you going to organize next? How will you use these free printable organizing labels? Let me know in the comments!

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Crush Your Week Promo Bar

Time to get organized! I just need to print off a page of these cute navy label printables.

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