February 17, 2014  

Easy Hanging Scarf Organization – One Hour & $20

I finally took an hour this weekend and organized my scarves. I have been wanting a better way to organize them for a long time, and I’m kicking myself for not doing it earlier. This is one of those easy projects that’s been on my to-do list for way too long. Mostly because I wasn’t entirely sure of the best way to organize them. I ended up with a super easy, affordable solution that keeps them off the floor and wrinkle-free (I used to stash them in a bin, but I would always be digging through it and they were usually wrinkly). If you’re looking for an easy project, try this one out. It will take you one hour and $20 bucks.

Supplies (All can be found at your hardware store or dollar store)

  • Big Command Hooks (I used Command Brushed Nickel Finish Large Hook) Note: I used these hooks because I live in an apartment and didn’t want to make big holes in the wall. If you don’t mind putting screws in your wall, you can use the hooks that come with your curtain rod instead of purchasing Command hooks)
  • Shower Curtain Rings – One for every scarf you want to hang (I used cheap clear circle ones I found at the thrift store. You can buy them here.)
  • All Of Your Beautiful Scarves!


Hanging Scarf Organizer

Super simple, affordable and fast! Now that’s my kind of organization project. Here’s the finished product:
Hanging Scarf Organizer

Every time I go into our bedroom, I smile at this little wall. When I go to choose a scarf for the day, I feel like I’m looking at a store display. It’s nice to be able to see all my options, and hanging them is better than them piled in bin that took up valuable shelf space.

By the way, my sisters and I did a scarf swap when they visited last weekend. Everyone brought their scarves and we bartered/traded with each other. So now we all have a few new ones to add to our outfits without having to go out and buy more new. If you’re not the same size as your sister or friend, trading clothes can be tough. But scarves are one-size-fits-all, so they’re an easy things to trade!

P.S. If you’re wondering, the jewelry display above it is a creation I made using an old thrift store window frame with wire mesh stapled to the back of it.

UPDATE: I’ve since moved and created a second hanging scarf organization method. Be sure to check out version 2 as well and see which way would work best in your space. > Click here for version 2

This is such a good idea! My scarf collection will finally be organized.

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    1. Thanks! command hooks are so handy. I was a little worried the rod would be too close to the wall but the rings still slide on it just fine. I hope you make some room!

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