September 30, 2022  

September Top 12: Your Favorite Organizing & Cleaning Products Last Month

Follower favorites: These are all of the organizing and cleaning products you all loved the most in September!

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September Favorites

  1. Brigii Handheld Vacuum – This mini vacuum works perfectly for all sorts of cleaning tasks! The car, the bathroom, I even used mine when cleaning out the fridge!
  2. Home Edit Fridge Drawer – I love using clear containers in the fridge so I can easily see what food we have and so nothing gets lost in the back. I also like to designate one small section as the “leftover zone” so leftovers don’t get forgotten.
  3. Museum Gel – Drawer organizers sliding around are the worse! This gel is the magic solution. Read more about it here.
  4. Bathroom Gold Arch Mirror – This mirror was the perfect find for our budget bathroom makeover! It looks a lot more expensive than it is — Walmart has some awesome decor for a steal!
  5. OXO Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Brush Set – I keep this little brush set in my cleaning caddy and it comes in handy for all sorts of cleaning tasks. I like that each brush has a little scraper on the other end, perfect for cleaning up messes in the kitchen and bathroom.
  6. Scrub Daddy Soap Dispenser – I tested out this dish soap dispenser and it works really well! I love that you can press your sponge down on the top to lather up your sponge or you can squeeze the bottle to dispense soap out of the bottom into your sink. I tried it out in this video.
  7. Home Edit Berry Bins – I added one of each size to our fridge and they’re so nice! They have a removable colander so you can wash your berries in that and then lower the whole thing directly into the container.
  8. Acrylic Paper Drawers – I used these in our craft cabinet and they’re a great solution for storing printer paper. I have regular paper in one and cardstock in the other. They’re super functional and also pretty enough to set out on a desk or cabinet!
  9. Uproot Carpet Cleaner – TikTok influenced me to buy this and it’s incredibly satisfying to use. Just run it along your carpet and rugs and you will be shocked at how much hair it pulls up! Here’s a video of me trying it out on my stairs…the pile of hair is gross but amazing.
  10. Bathroom Floating Shelves – These floating shelves look so pretty above the toilet in our primary bathroom makeover! They are incredibly affordable and look really nice, the perfect size for a small wall.
  11. iDesign Linus Fridge Soda Can Organizer – One of my favorite fridge organizers! David keeps this stocked with Diet Coke at all times. Tour our organized fridge in this post.
  12. Clean Mama Bar Mop Towels – The towels are perfect for kitchen cleaning projects. All you need is warm soapy water. They are still part of my kitchen sink essentials.

Shop More Of My Faves

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More Monthly Favorites

Before you go, be sure to check out the top links I’ve shared over the past few months! The actual month may be long gone but there are some awesome finds on these lists.

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Have a fantastic day!

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