October 1, 2019  

The Silhouette Crafter’s Gift Guide

I’ve rounded up some of the best Silhouette gift ideas to help you with your Christmas shopping this year. These gift ideas are perfect for the person who loves their SilhouEtte cutting machine. Happy gift giving!

This list is full of must haves and fun extras for the Silhouette Portrait or Cameo crafter. If you are a Silhouette addict or if you are shopping for one, here's a guide to some great Silhouette gift ideas.

If you’re shopping for the crafter in your life (or, ahem, shopping for yourself), the Silhouette will totally up their crafting game. The current Silhouette owner will be excited to receive new materials and tools, while the newbie Silhouette crafter will be ecstatic to get their first machine! I’ve used my Silhouette for a ton of crafts, gifts and decorations. I packed this post with a variety of machines, materials, tools and accessories in a broad range of prices.

Collage of 20 images of gift ideas for the silhouette crafter

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20 Awesome Silhouette Gift Ideas

Collage of 2 images of Sillhouette crafters gift ideas including Cameo and Portrait machine bundles

Silhouette Machine Bundles

If you’re shopping for a crafter that’s new to the Silhouette, they’ll need a machine first. The nice part is that there are tons of bundles that include some tools and materials along with the machine so you can start crafting right after you open the box. You really can’t go wrong with any of the bundles.

1 | Silhouette Cameo 3 Starter Bundle

2 | Silhouette Portrait 2 Starter Bundle

Collage of images showing gift ideas for the silhouette crafters including paper and vinyl materials

Paper • Vinyl • Materials

Every Silhouette-er needs lots of paper, vinyl, and specialty materials. The Silhouette can cut pretty much any kind of paper as well as vinyl, fabric, stickers and much more. Here’s a selection of some materials that I would be really excited to unwrap this Christmas.

3 | Vinyl Variety Pack

4 | Heat Transfer Vinyl

5 | Sticker Paper

6 | Stencil Material

7 | Chalkboard Vinyl

8 | Glitter Cardstock Pack

Collage of images of gift ideas for the Silhouette crafter showing tools and extras

Tools & Extras

For the more advanced Silhouette user, some extra tools will be useful. The Silhouette Mint and Curio aren’t replacements for the main Cameo and Portrait machines, but they are very complimentary. The Mint creates custom stamps and the Curio can stipple, emboss, etch and more. Other useful tools include a heat press for fabric projects and a laminator and printer for paper crafts of all sorts.

9 | Silhouette Mint Stamping Machine

10 | Silhouette Curio Starter Kit

11 | Heat Press (Update: I highly recommend the Cricut EasyPress instead of a bulky heat press!)

12 | Laminator

13 Wide Format Printer

Collage of images showing gift ideas for the silhouette crafter including different accessories


All of these doo-dads are great gift add-ons or stocking stuffers! Sketch pens are something I’m dying to try out, glass etching and stamp making are also fun. And then you have the basics that Silhouette users can always use more of like cutting mats, blades and tools. Oh, and a dust cover is a handy gift if your Silhouette-er doesn’t have one yet.

14 | Sketch Pen Set

15 | Glass Etching Starter Kit

16 | Silhouette Stamping Starter Kit

17 | Cutting Mat

18 | Replacement Blades

19 | Dust Cover

20 | Tool Bundle

I hope this list gave you some awesome Silhouette gift ideas! Here’s to hoping my craft-loving friends find some new Silhouette goodies under the tree this year!

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