February 6, 2021  

Choosing A Sofa You’ll Both Love

Shopping for a new sofa? Check out these tips for choosing new furniture as a couple.

family of three sitting on a black leather sofa

A huge thanks to Homemakers for sponsoring this post. All content and opinions are 100% my own.

Shopping for furniture that you and your partner both love is no easy feat. David and I recently set out to replace our old, peeling-leather sofa and we knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task to find something we both agreed on.

David was very set on a black leather reclining sofa with cup holders, while I was looking for something family-friendly yet stylish. My guess is you and your partner may not see eye to eye on what makes the perfect sofa, either, am I right?

A quality sofa is an investment piece that will last your family for years, and we agreed that we would keep shopping until we found something that we both loved.

And that’s why we chose to shop at Homemakers, our favorite furniture store here in the Des Moines metro. They have a HUGE showroom with a large variety of options which made it the perfect place for our sofa shopping adventure. We ultimately chose the K Motion KM 213 Collection Black Leather Sectional and couldn’t be happier!

You can watch our sofa shopping adventures in-store in this Instagram highlight! We shared our favorites and scored them against our criteria and made it a lot of fun!


family of three relaxing on a sofa

Tips For Sofa Shopping As A Couple

Browse online to get a sense for what you each like

Before you set foot in a store, I recommend browsing sofas online to get a sense of what you each like. I went into this with a pretty clear picture of what I wanted, but my husband doesn’t exactly look at furniture in his free time like I do ;).

So we started by browsing homemakers.com and talking about things we liked and didn’t like. It was a great way to get the conversation going and get a feel for the different options available. We were able to save our favorites to our online account which the staff could pull up in the store to get a sense of what we were looking for.

toddler and dog relaxing on a black leather sofa

Make a list of your wants and needs

The best thing we did was make our list of wants and needs. We each made our own list and essentially used them as a litmus test. A sofa would need to check most of the boxes to be a winner.

My criteria was:

  • sectional
  • family-friendly fabric
  • not too bulky
  • stylish

David’s criteria was:

  • leather
  • not brown
  • firm
  • cup holders

Agree on your budget

Casually browsing options online and getting a feel for what we were looking for helped us get an idea of price. Of course furniture prices range greatly, but try to get a sense for what you might spend and then set a budget amount that you can afford.

This will help you quickly eliminate sofas that are out of your price range and ensure you don’t wind up loving something you ultimately can’t afford to buy.

woman reading on a black leather sofa

Measure your space

Always make sure you measure your space! Especially for something as large as a sofa, it’s important to have your measurements handy. I measured the full width and length of our room since I was looking for a sectional, and I also measured our current couch so we could use that as a reference point when we were looking at sizes in the store.

Homemakers lists the dimensions on their price tags which was really convenient as we were shopping. Since we were primarily looking at large sectionals, we paid close attention to the lengths to make sure they’d fit the width of our living room. It’s also a good idea to bring a tape measure along as you’re shopping!

When we started narrowing things down, measurements really came into play. The sectional that we ultimately ended up purchasing was too big for our space in the configuration shown in the store. But since sectionals tend to come in several pieces, you have the ability to customize things. Using my tape measure, I was able to verify that if we skipped the cup holder console piece they had in the showroom, the width would be just right for our living room.

Shop as a team (and be patient)

Lastly, remember that you are a team in this. You and your partner may go into this wanting very different things, but it’s important to take the time to understand each other’s likes and dislikes.

After testing out dozens and dozens of sofas at Homemakers, we started finding more common ground. It was frustrating at times, but we kept our criteria lists in mind and narrowed things down to a sectional that we both loved. It doesn’t check every box on our lists, but it’s pretty close!

We ultimately chose the K Motion KM 213 Collection Black Leather Sectional and we couldn’t be happier with our decision! We’ve been enjoying it in our home for about a month now and we all love everything about it. I’ll write a detailed review of our sectional soon and tell you more!

You can shop Homemakers’ large selection at homemakers.com or, if you’re local to Iowa, be sure to stop by their large showroom in Urbandale. It’s one of my favorite places to spend an afternoon!

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Have a fantastic day!

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