March 31, 2016  

Mini Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist

Give me a room to organize, and I’ll gladly dive right in. But give me a room to clean, and the dread quickly sets in. I am a lousy housekeeper.

Cleaning is definitely not my favorite thing in the world, but unfortunately one can only avoid it for so long. I’m pretty good at tidying up regularly, but I certainly don’t go around washing my base boards and cleaning the windows every week. Spring cleaning is on a lot of people’s minds this time of year and, while it’s not my favorite task in the world, I figured I should get around to doing some deep cleaning in our house.

As with any overwhelming home project, I decided I’d be more excited and prepared to tackle it if I got myself organized with a colorful checklist. I love designing organizational printables, so I set out to create a mini booklet that I could store in my cleaning caddy. I wanted to be able to track my progress on the tasks for each room, and I also wanted the checklist to be reusable every year.

I’m super happy with the cuteness factor of this mini checklist, and you’re in luck because I love to share! Keep reading to snag this freebie spring cleaning checklist and to read more how I use it in my cleaning routine.

What a super helpful not to mention free printable spring cleaning checklist!

Get Organized With This Spring Cleaning Checklist

While I’m not much of a housekeeper and am always finding excuses to avoid it, I know it’s important to do the cleaning if I want to have an orderly and peaceful home. It’s super easy to dread spring cleaning because it feels like a ginormous chore to unearth a year’s worth of dust bunnies, but you’ll thank yourself later. I try to remind myself that I’d rather unearth one year’s worth of crumbs and dust than to put it off for a couple years and have to face a much more massive spring cleaning down the road.

Check out this cute printable checklist! I need to print off this free printable and start spring cleaning.

Since I have been dragging my feet on this whole cleaning thing lately, I set out to make a comprehensive spring cleaning checklist. Once I have a handy dandy checklist to work from, I always find it easier to get started. I’m pretty competitive and like to issue challenges to myself, so I’ll often make a game out of completing 2-3 tasks in one day and will start the stopwatch on my phone to see how fast I can complete them. I’m big on making tasks I’m dreading into games!

Spring cleaning always sounds so daunting to me, but there’s no reason you have to clean your entire house in a certain season. I laminated my checklists to make them reusable, and plan to work my way through the list once each calendar year. By having a checklist to work from, I can easily track my progress and keep tabs on which tasks I’ve already completed for the year. I’d much rather work on a few tasks per week rather than stressing about doing it all at once in the spring. If diving into spring cleaning full force for a week is more your style, more power to you!

When I made these checklists, I focused on tasks that would be done annually. You should probably dust and vacuum more than once per year, but I’m looking at the tasks on my list as super thorough cleaning tasks. I might vacuum our living room more often, but I will be sure to vacuum behind all of the furniture and along all of the baseboards as part of my spring cleaning each year.

How great is this?! Free spring cleaning printable checklist - downloading this now.

Creating Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

I’m super excited to share these colorful printables with you today! Don’t you just love colorful printables? You’ll only need a couple minutes to assemble this mini spring cleaning checklist, and then you can get started checking things off.

Your first step is to download the PDF checklist file. You’re welcome to use my pre-filled list to make it easy on yourself, or you may download the blank checklist to have more flexibility to write in your own tasks.

I printed mine on regular printer paper because I planned to laminate them, but if you don’t want to bother with laminating then I’d recommend printing on cardstock.

How great is this?! Free spring cleaning printable checklist - downloading this now.
Download the free printable spring cleaning checklist here: blank checklist -or- pre-filled checklist.

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If you plan to make a mini booklet like I did, you’ll want to cut the page into quarters to make four individual checklists per page. Another option would be to leave the two sheets of checklists as is and hole punch them to add to your home binder.

I used these self-seal laminating pouches to laminate my checklists. I love using these laminating pouches for organizing projects like printables and labels. If you don’t own a legit laminator, these sheets are super easy to use (I will note that this thermal laminator is on my wish list). They’re fairly inexpensive, quick to use, and make my projects more durable. They’re also perfect for writing on with a dry erase marker.

How great is this?! Free spring cleaning printable checklist - downloading this now.

Once your checklists are laminated, trim the excess edges and then all that’s left is to assemble your book.

Spring Cleaning Checklist 4

I hole punched the top left corner of my checklists and tied them together with ribbon, and then tucked my mini booklet into my cleaning caddy along with a dry erase marker to check off tasks as I complete them.

What a super helpful not to mention free printable spring cleaning checklist!

What I’ve learned about maintaining an orderly home is that there’s no one size fits all. Ultimately, you need to find a cleaning plan that works for you. Whatever your cleaning style, I recommend taking some time to sit down and make a true plan. That’s what I did when I came up with this checklist. Let’s just face the fact that without a plan, it probably won’t happen. So make a checklist and figure out a cleaning routine that works best for you, and then start implementing it.

If your home is always spic and span, I’m envious! I can organize and tidy all day long, but housekeeping is not my strong suit. But I’m hoping this super cute and handy little checklist will be a convenient way for me to track my progress and remember what spring cleaning tasks still need to be done. And I love that I’ll be able to use this checklist over and over again!

How do you organize your cleaning tasks? Are you a big spring cleaner or do you spread out your cleaning throughout the year? Let me know in the comments below!

Roll up your sleeves, print out this checklist and start cleaning!


What a super helpful not to mention free printable spring cleaning checklist!

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