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Welcome, new friend! The Small Stuff Counts is a medley of inspiration for fueling your creativity, decorating your home and organizing your life. Your creative projects don’t have to be huge – even the small stuff counts! My name is Emily, and I’m so glad you found your way here.

This blog is filled with inspiration and advice about crafts and DIY projects, home decor and organization. If those are things you love or topics you want to get better at, you’re in the right place!

This is my happy place where I share ideas and projects that I hope will inspire and motivate you. I set up this page to give you some background + a quick tour of this happy place. I wish we could meet in person so this conversation wasn’t so one-sided, but until that happens I’m going to just pretend that I’m giving you the rundown while chatting at the local coffee shop.

So, grab your beverage of choice and let’s get started…

What’s this blog all about?

I write about crafts, decorating and organizing. I like to think of this blog as a giant bowl of savory ice cream filled with inspiration for adding creativity and organization to your everyday life, and drizzled with advice on curating and decorating a home you truly love. Oh, and I can’t forget the colorful sprinkles of snail mail, creative gift ideas and happy thoughts.



Here’s a sampling of reader favorites…

I love paper planners! This is a great tour of the Inkwell Press planner and how she's using it to stay organized. Time to get around to organizing a planner of my own!

I really love organizing, and I have a knack for developing systems that keep things organized for the long run. Organizing and time management tips are definitely the most popular around here, so be sure to check out my entire gallery of organization posts. Some topics have included organizing tupperware, scarves, planners, email, paper clutterand our bedroom.

This time management book lays out a simple to follow system for creating a weekly schedule. I love how practical it is and the worksheets are super helpful! If you're looking for help to get organized and create routines, Crush Your Week is a great purchase.

My favorite topic to blog about is time management and productivity! I’m a busy person, as I’m sure you are, which makes it extra important to be smart with my time. I’m so passionate about this topic that I created a free e-course to help you set up a weekly routine! Some reader favorites along this topic include posts on setting 90-day goals, theming your days, doing brain dumps, productivity roadblocks and morning habits.



Give a personalized gift of pre-planned date nights

I love creating personalized, handmade gifts and I LOVE sharing those ideas with you! You can head to my project gallery and toggle the search to gifts to see all of the gift ideas I’ve shared over the years. Some favorites include pre-planned dates gift basket, Mother’s Day gift ideas and wedding gifts to make with your Silhouette.

Great ideas for transforming an old basement into a pretty craft room and office

My husband and I bought our first house in November of 2014, and I’ve been doing home projects ever since. It’s so much fun to have a house to paint and decorate and experiment in! Before and afters are my favorite type of posts, so you’ll find plenty more in the future of this blog as I continue to tackle each room in our home. My favorite room is my craft studio, which I created in an ugly room with no purpose in our basement. I made over the entire room in five weeks during the One Room Challenge. It was so fun! I’ve also done One Room Challenges for our navy bedroom and neutral gray bathroom. 

What a gorgeous but thrifty diy magnolia wreath. It looks beautiful hanging on that vintage window.

I am an avid thrift shopper. I shared my tips for hunting for thrift store holiday decor here. I’ve also participated in a swap with other bloggers where we all send each other thrifted items to upcyle: see what I did with an old grapevine wreathugly wine box, wooden wall plaques and a plain picture frame.

Happy Everyday Garland 1

I’m obsessed with my Silhouette paper cutter, so expect plenty more projects and tutorials using it! I made this Happy Everyday banner in a matter of minutes. You can see my other Silhouette projects here. I’m still a beginner, but this is by far the best crafting tool I’ve ever had.

Nice to meet you!

I’m always dreaming up new ideas, so stick with me on this creative adventure! Shoot me a quick email (emily@smallstuffcounts.com) and let me know how you found my blog and what you most struggle with when it comes to organizing, decorating or creating. I read each and every email, and would love to hear from you! You can also subscribe to my weekly e-newsletter for regular organization tips, DIY projects and other resources.

So glad we met today!


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