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The 14 Organizing Projects I Did In 2022

Looking back at all of the organizing projects we did in our home last year. Check out all of these ideas!

2022 was a year of all sorts of organizing projects in our home. Ranging from decluttering drawers to overhauling entire closets, this was a year with a lot of cool before and afters.

I’d hoped to write this annual wrap-up post before the holidays but life got in the way and all the sudden it’s mid-January. I almost skipped it, but then I reminded myself that the date on the calendar doesn’t really matter and it’s still great to take a minute to reflect on all of the organizing progress that happened last year.

Last year was also extra special because I was selected to be a brand ambassador for The Container Store mid-year and that opportunity fueled some amazing projects in our home.

Check out all my favorite organizing projects of 2022 below and let me know which you love the most!

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All The Organizing Projects I Did Last Year

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watch the video

I compiled all of my 2022 organizing projects into a quick Reel if you’d like to watch! It was so fun to look back at all of the before and afters from the past year.

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1. Primary Bedroom His & Hers Closets

My favorite project of the year was my closet! I ripped out the basic wire shelving from my closet and David’s closet and installed custom closets from The Container Store.

Using the Elfa Decor closet line, I worked with a designer to customize closets that best utilized the space and worked best for each of our needs.

My old closet was a big pain so replacing it was a big win! Still need to add new closet doors at some point but for now I’m really happy with this project.

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2. Entryway Coat Closet

I’d never taken the time to organize our coat closet and am so glad I prioritized this space in 2022.

It took some work to clear out all the clutter but once that was done, all it needed was a few strategic organizers to exponentially improve it’s functionality. Our family uses this closet so much more now!

And this is the project that helped me discover how truly awesome the Elfa door racks are–it’s such a space saver!

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3. Primary Bathroom Makeover

Our primary bathroom may be small but this bathroom makeover was a big undertaking! The most time-consuming part was painting the vinyl floors. I thought I was maybe crazy for doing that tedious project but wow that checkered floor makes me so happy every day now.

I also painted the vanity a stunning black which makes me want to use more black in our home. The walls got fresh paint and I added new shelves, mirror, and light fixture. This is definitely the most dramatic before and after of the year and it was super budget-friendly to do!

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4. Kids’ Arts & Crafts Cabinet

It felt so good to clean up all of the art supplies and coloring books scattered around our house and give them all a proper home this year! I cleared all of my things out of this little cabinet and designated it as the spot for our kids’ things. 

Clear drawers helped make the most of this cabinet and make it easy for us to pull out a bin of supplies and carry it to the dining table for project time.

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5. Behind-The-Door Wrapping Paper Station

After discovering how useful the Elfa door racks were during our coat closet project, I couldn’t wait to get the wrapping paper version. Our basement door turned out to be the perfect spot for a wrapping paper station and it was so fun to fill it all up with my favorite wrapping supplies.

This wrapping paper station worked very well during the holidays and now I’m going to swap out the Christmas paper with birthday/everyday paper for the rest of the year. I love a project that makes use of dead space and this was a good one!

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6. Fridge Organization

Taking the time to organize your fridge is 100% worth it. You don’t necessarily need to use as many fancy bins as I did in mine, but just a few organizers can go a long way!

My favorite addition to the fridge is the lazy susan on the bottom shelf. The pull-out drawers are really handy for grab-and-go snacks, too!

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7. Towel Drawer Organization

Shop Geometry Towels (use discount code EmilyC15 at checkout for 15% off!)

This seems like such a small project to include on this list but it’s an important one! First of all, it was my most popular Instagram Reel of 2022 racking up well over half a million views and still climbing. Plus, Geometry towels turned out to be one of your favorite products I shared the entire year.

And beyond all that, I also want to include this project on the list because I fully believe that organizing even a single drawer, cabinet, or corner can completely change things for you! You don’t need a huge budget or a ton of time to get organized and improve your home. Just reorganizing your kitchen towels in a drawer can be a big improvement.

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8. Cord Organization

I organized a lot of our chargers and cables this year and you all loved that project so much! I tried out several different cord organization projects and included a big ol’ list of my favorites in the blog post for you. The magnetic cable ties still get used daily around here and the clear cabinet storage box is so nice!

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9. Chloe’s Book Ledges

I added a set of four acrylic book ledges to an unused wall in Chloe’s room and they’re such a great spot for books. They keep all of her favorite books organized within reach and make them all easy to see.

I’ve also enjoyed filling these little book ledges with holiday-themed books for something special and festive in her room that’s still useful and doesn’t just add more clutter.

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10. Chloe’s Pink Closet Makeover

So technically this project happened at the very end of 2021 but I will include it on this list because I didn’t share much of this room makeover or really finish it up until early in 2022.

After painting Chloe’s room a beautiful blush pink, I decided to add a pop of darker pink in her closet and LOVE how it turned out! The dresser has lived in her closet like this since she was born but it was long overdue for some decluttering and organizing to give her more of a big-kid setup.

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11. Stuffed Animal Storage

This behind-the-door organizer works so well for stuffed animals! We’ve had it in Chloe’s room for about 9 or 10 months now and she does a great job filling the pockets with all of her stuffies and little treasures. Perfect for a kids’ room!

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12. Chloe’s Elfa Closet

December of 2022 saw a huge change in Chloe’s room–upgrading her builder-grade closet with a custom Elfa closet!

While the dresser inside her closet has worked awesome for us for 5 years, it’s been so nice to maximize her closet space and create more storage for all of her clothing, jewelry, and other things.

There’s so much storage space in this closet setup and I love knowing that every single piece is adjustable so we can move things around and modify it as she grows up.

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13. Play Food Organization

I did this project on a whim one Saturday afternoon and it makes me so happy!

I sorted through all of the play food in our house and purged some of the beat up and broken items. Then I found some extra bins from other projects, added cute labels with my Cricut, and made our play kitchen all cute and organized.

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14. Dollhouse makeover

This isn’t exactly an organizing project but I’m including it so I don’t forget about all the fun I had on this Barbie dollhouse makeover.

I secretly worked on this project after the kids were in bed for a couple of weeks and surprised Chloe with it for her fifth birthday. It was so fun to decorate all the rooms and we have a lot of plans to create more furniture and decor for this house in the future.

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Thank you for following along with all of my projects this past year! I cannot wait to do even more organizing with you in 2023.

Have a fantastic day!

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