August 6, 2021  

Third Trimester Recap

Our baby boy is set to arrive in a little over two weeks, so today I wanted to recap this pregnancy and answer some FAQs I’ve been getting.

With baby boy set to arrive pretty much any day now, I thought it would be nice to answer some of your questions and document the latter half of this pregnancy with baby number two.

Our due date is August 30, but we have a scheduled c-section planned for August 24 which is just over two weeks away at this point! I’ve been busy getting things ready around the house while also getting things in place at work before maternity leave.

And in between all the preparations, I’ve also been trying my best to spend this summer enjoying my pregnancy and soaking up sweet time with Chloe while she’s still an only child.

If you missed it, you can jump back to my mid-pregnancy check-in to read more about the first half of my pregnancy. Today, let’s dive into all the questions you’ve been asking recently about how I’m feeling, how we’re getting ready for baby, etc.


Pregnancy Q&A

There’s a wide variety of questions here, all crowdsourced from Instagram or things my friends and family have asked me recently. I didn’t really find a great way to organize them, so we’re going to consider this a Q&A grab bag!

Are you enjoying baby prep this summer? Have you had that nesting feeling?

I am nesting like crazy and thoroughly enjoying it! We were very preoccupied with starting new jobs and moving to a new city when pregnant with Chloe (we moved into our house about two weeks before her due date!), so I didn’t have much opportunity to really “nest” with her.

I’m soaking up all of that nesting energy with this baby, maybe a bit too much considering I’m still building a closet with only 2 weeks to go…

The closet is empty and ready for paint.
DIY closet shelving is underway!

How are you feeling?

I’ve generally felt pretty good, much better than the first trimester for sure. My biggest complaint has probably been how hard it is to catch my breath a lot of the time! I’ve had some pretty bad backaches off and on and very tight/sore/achy joints that are definitely getting worse in this last month. Most of it has been tolerable, just uncomfortable. In the past two weeks I’ve definitely seen a major dip in my energy and ability to do much physically, even just doing a short DIY task leaves me feeling sore and worn out these days!

Do you have a name picked out?

Boy names are way harder than girl names! We’ve really struggled with names but finally have a list of three names we both like. We had Chloe’s name chosen a couple of months before she was born, but I have a feeling we won’t finalize this baby’s name until after he’s born.

Is Chloe excited to be a big sister?

Chloe is very excited about her baby brother! She will turn 4 in November so she is at an age where she’s asking a lot of questions and really understands what’s happening. She thinks my growing belly is funny and likes the idea that baby brother can hear her talking. She’s constantly mentioning things that she’ll have to teach him, and it’s so sweet. She can’t wait to cuddle with him!

This is Chloe after practicing giving her dolls rides in the red wagon so she’ll be ready to give her baby brother rides.

What are your plans for maternity leave? How are you preparing?

My Full-Time Job

I’m extremely thankful that my employer offers paid parental leave (I took 8 unpaid weeks off with Chloe). I will be taking a full 12 weeks off from my job, half of that is paid leave and the other half is PTO that I’ve saved up.

I manage all of our company’s social media and email marketing and have been working really hard to get daily social posts and weekly marketing emails scheduled through December so a lot of my job can run on autopilot while I’m away.

I’ve also been documenting processes for everything I do and training team members so they can cover things while I’m out.

My Business

The achiever in me immediately created an ambitious editorial calendar of blog posts and social posts that I could create and schedule in advance of baby arriving. But after thinking about it, I decided to take a much more relaxed approach.

The beauty of this business is that it runs itself, so if I go off the grid for a while it’s really not a huge deal. Our family doesn’t rely on the income from my blog, so I was okay turning down sponsored opportunities for this fall and slowing down instead. I’ve decided to not kill myself trying to create a bunch of content and instead plan to just let my social media go dark for a little while. My blog has a ton of existing content and will be just fine without any new blog posts.

I imagine I’ll want to share a few baby updates on Instagram once baby boy arrives, but otherwise, I intend to be quiet online for a little while. I’m leaving the timeframe very open-ended and will see how it goes, but I expect I’ll start easing back into content creation sometime in October.

What are you doing or planning to do differently with your second baby than with your first?

This is such a good question, and I’m not coming up with any good answers! I’ve definitely enjoyed pouring my energy into the nursery this time around since I didn’t really get to do that while pregnant with Chloe (we moved in two weeks before her due date).

I’d say the biggest difference with this pregnancy is how much more aware I am that something could go wrong. With Chloe, I just assumed she’d be healthy and never thought much about it. Since then, several close friends have experienced loss and I feel a lot more educated about the warning signs and various risks. I’ve been counting kicks religiously, and generally being much more in tune with my body and baby.


It’s not as restrictive as it was a year ago thankfully, but there are still COVID-19 precautions in place that will affect us. We will need to wear masks for our entire stay, and we are allowed a maximum of two visitors at a time.

The big bummer is that all visitors must be over the age of 16, so Chloe will not be able to visit us at all. I’m sad she won’t get to come to the hospital to meet her brother, but we’ll definitely video chat with her and she’ll get to hold him as soon as we get home.

Any favorite maternity clothes or products you’d recommend?

I shared a blog post last week with my top 15 pregnancy essentials! You can read it here.

Will the nursery be done before baby gets here?

That’s the million-dollar question at the moment! I don’t expect it to be fully done, I’m sure I’ll still have things to hang on the walls and finishing touches I’ll want to do. But overall, the room itself is all set up now with a crib, recliner, and a dresser full of baby clothes, diapers, and wipes.

The main project I need to finish yet is the DIY closet shelving. I’ve always wanted to build something like this but it’s a larger undertaking than anything I’ve built before and maybe not the smartest thing for my last few weeks of pregnancy. I’m having to take a lot of breaks so it’s going slow, but I got off to a good start this week and I’m crossing my fingers I can finish it before baby arrives.

What are you packing in your hospital bag? Anything you are/are not packing this time around?

Our bags are officially packed and ready! I crowdsourced suggestions and will share my packing list and other ideas in a future blog post. I want to wait until after our hospital stay so I can share all the things we packed and what used/didn’t use.

Overall, we’re packing pretty much the same things I think. We’re both practical packers so I don’t remember having too many extra things last time around and I think we’ve packed about the same things this time.

Did you take maternity photos?

I did! I wasn’t sure it was necessary, but in the end, I’m glad I documented this pregnancy. Our photographer is amazing and I cannot wait for her to shoot newborn photos!

I have a few more pregnancy-related blog posts to share eventually, but for now, you can check out the ones linked here:

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Have a fantastic day!

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