August 17, 2015  

What should I do with these thrift store finds?

Today is National Thrift Shop Day, which seems like the perfect day to show you a little preview of a couple thrift store makeovers I’m currently working on. Earlier this summer, I was invited to join a group of bloggers for the Thrift Store Swap. I love giving thrifted finds new life and am very excited to participate in my first challenge with this group. Everyone in the Thrift Store Swap was assigned another blogger to ship a thrifted find to, and then our challenge is to make over the thrifted items we receive.

About a week ago, I came home to a lovely package sitting on my front step. It was the thrifted finds Lyn (from MidMichigan Mom) sent me! I have left them sitting on the living room floor for days now, trying to concoct a genius plan for transforming these outdated finds into modern beauties.

One of the objects Lyn sent is this nice wine box:

Thrifted Wine Box

I have already thought up a dozen purposes for this box. What would you do with it? How would you decorate it? Man, I have such a weird obsession with boxes. I can hardly wait to bust out the paint and start making over this gem.

The second ‘item’ Lyn sent is actually a set of four items and I really need your help! I’m not sure what to do with these things. They’re tiny little wooden pictures with outdated fruit artwork.They remind me all too much of the old wood couch with the floral cushions that my parents had back in the 80’s.

Thrifted Wood Wall Hangings

I’ve considered painting them a clean white and then creating colorful, abstract fruit artwork on them. I’ve also been thinking up other types of artwork I could put on them. Part of me wants to attach them to a larger frame or board and use them as part of a big piece of artwork. What do you think?

Would you help a girl out and share your ideas with me? Leave your makeover suggestions in the comments below.

I’ll be revealing the finished projects in my blog post on September10, which will also include links to the projects my fellow Thrift Store Swap bloggers tackled this month. Stay tuned!



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