June 18, 2022  

Using A Hanging Door Organizer For Stuffed Animal Storage

Is your kid’s room full of stuffies and little treasures, too? Try an over the door organizer for stuffed animal storage!

I’m not sure a kids’ room can every have too much storage, can it?

When gave Chloe a pink bedroom makeover last year and it looks adorable and has plenty of storage for all of her clothes. We even organized her books in the form of cute acrylic book ledges on an unused wall.

But the one thing we were missing was a spot for her stuffed animals and dress up clothes. So we took advantage of the space behind her bedroom door and added a lot of storage for all of her treasures.

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Door Organizer | Acrylic Book Ledges | Unicorn Head | Pink Paint | Rug | Dresser

Organizing stuffed animals with a door organizer

Adding organizers behind a bedroom door is a fantastic way to maximize space. I spotted this over-the-door organizer with lots of pockets on Zulily and knew it would be the perfect addition to Chloe’s big girl room.

It’s a canvas material and has a variety of pocket sizes that have been perfect for filling up with her assorted stuffed animals and little treasures.

I love that this one requires zero installation or assembly – simply hook slide the top and bottom hooks onto the door and there’s a buckle at the bottom that allows you to tighten the straps so it’s nice and secure. No screws or tools required!

The door organizer stays in place and doesn’t swing back and forth when the door opens and closes. It’s such a perfect way to utilize that dead space behind the door!

Door Organizer | Acrylic Book Ledges | Unicorn Head | Pink Paint | Rug

I hung this organizer up one Saturday and Chloe (4 1/2) helped me fill it up with all of her little things. She had a lot of fun deciding where all of her stuffed animals would go!

We had a couple of large baskets on the floor for her stuffed animals and dress-up clothes but her bedroom is small and there really wasn’t a great spot for so many baskets. We were able to empty out both baskets and move all of those items to the door organizer which freed up some floor space!

Door Organizer | Acrylic Book Ledges | Unicorn Head | Pink Paint | Rug

If you’re looking for ideas for organizing stuffed animals, a behind the door organizer might just do the trick!

I know most kids probably have more stuffed animals than what will fit in this organizer, but it’s a great start to getting them organized and might be a good spot for the favorites to live while you pile the extras in a big basket.

Every night before bed, Chloe likes to look at all of her stuffed animals behind the door and choose one to sleep with. I love that they’re up out of the way but still easy for her to see. It’s really sweet to watch her choose special spots for all of them each night!

How do you organize stuffed animals? I’d love to hear your tips!

You can tour the rest of Chloe’s pink bedroom right here!

Have a fantastic day!

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