June 24, 2022  

Weekly Printable Calendar With Time Slots

Printable weekly planners are a budget-friendly way to prepare for your entire week. This version has time slots, too!

Between being a mom, running a business, working a corporate job, and keeping up with everything around the house, I have a lot going on! And I’d be lost without a planner to keep me on track.

I’ve used a variety of planning tools over the years and printables are always a favorite for me because they keep things simple and they’re FREE! I recently designed a new weekly planning printable and am sharing the PDF here so you can download it and get planning, too.

Printable weekly planners are a budget-friendly way to prepare for your entire week. You can use the pdf format to either print as is, or type your task list and appointments into the blank weekly calendar. One of my main goals for creating this single-page planner was for it to be flexible to fit your needs.

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Weekly Printable Calendar with time slots

Download your calendar here!

Click here to download the weekly printable calendar with time slots

How to use this weekly planner

This printable gives you a place to plan your meetings, appointments, and to-dos all on one single page. Use it to plan meetings at work, time block projects, plan your homeschool routine or lesson plan, keep track of appointments, organize your family’s schedule, and more.

There is a column for each day of the week and the free download includes two versions: one that starts the week on Sunday and the other that starts the week on Monday. Choose the one that best fits your schedule and how you think about your week!

The column on the left gives you spaces to fill in times so you can time block each day. I’ve left the time slots blank so you have space to define the hours that make most sense for you and your schedule. Maybe your day starts at 6 am. Maybe you need hours into the evening. This weekly planner will help you have the right time blocks for your schedule.

Blank for a reason

I designed this printable weekly calendar with no date range, no time slots, and no specific dates so you can customize the blocks to meet your needs.

The starting day of the week can be Sunday or Monday (I’ve included two versions of the pdf so print the one you prefer).

Use the time slot rows however works best. Make each row a 15- or 30-minute time slot to track appointments during your workday. Or make each row an hour and use that to plan your schedule for the entire day or create a time-blocked schedule with time set aside to complete various tasks during the week.

Who could use it?

College students who need to map out their daily schedule or class trips. High school students who want to map our their hourly schedule and daily tasks a week at a time. Managers who need to plan enough time with their team by listing their employee names. Homeschooling moms who need to plan their field trips and lesson plan.

Anyone may use this free printable for personal use. You could track physical activity, water intake over the day, time management, important dates, anything!. The way you decide to use this printable planner page is the best way to do your weekly planning.

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Have a fantastic day!

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