December 11, 2019  

An Organized Wrapping Paper Storage Bin

Looking for wrapping paper storage Ideas? Look no further! This compact gift wrap storage bin is just what you need to stay organized.


I don’t know about you, but my gift wrap supplies once lived in random containers and piles all over the house. I had a few wrapping paper rolls in a closet upstairs, the rest of the wrapping paper downstairs, and ribbon and gift tags stashed all over the place.

I think wrapping paper is one of those categories where people are shocked at how much they own when they actually gather it all in one place. I know I was. I actually thought I had a pretty minimal gift wrap collection until I went through every room in the house and gathered it all in the living room.

With gift wrapping season in full swing, now’s the perfect chance to round up the wrapping supplies stashed in your house and take a few minutes to organize them! And yes, I did say MINUTES because this is one of those really simple organizing projects that are quick but life-changing!

I’m here to give you the full tour of my new wrapping paper storage solution today!

I searched high and low for the BEST storage bin for gift wrapping essentials along with a storage bag for all of the big wrapping paper rolls and I came to the same conclusion as I Heart Organizing.

Like you, I’ve seen all of those fancy gift wrapping closets and stations on Pinterest but I do not wrap nearly enough gifts in a year to warrant dedicating part of our home to it all.

So I prefer a portable storage solution that allows me to tuck all of our wrapping supplies out of sight in a closet or the basement. The nice thing about the storage container I came up with is that it’s super convenient to grab and go no matter where you need to carry it.



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Organizing Wrapping Paper

Create A Gift Wrap Storage Bin

First up, you need a great storage container. I searched high and low for the best options and was surprised at how few nice ones I found.

The winning storage bin is the Kuggis box from IKEA. I ordered these two items:

This box is large and roomy with enough space to store a lot of gift bags and tissue paper. And I love how the insert adds another layer of storage space for the smaller wrapping supplies!

Let’s take a little tour of my new wrapping paper bin, shall we?


Bottom Compartment

The bottom compartment holds gift bags, tissue paper, and ribbon.

There’s plenty of space to stack a couple of dozen gift bags with room to spare. I stacked our gift bags from largest to smallest so they are all easy to see at a glance. Most of the gift bags will lay flat in the bin but you may need to fold the larger gift bags in half so they will fit.

Quick Tip: This is a great opportunity to purge your gift bag collection if you tend to hold onto every bag you ever receive. Only keep the bags that are in good condition and you know you will use. I try to keep the gift bags that can be used for many different occasions instead of bags that have specific wording. Recycle any gift bags with rips and donate the rest.


Once you add in all of your gift bags, there’s enough room left to store tissue paper and ribbon.

To keep these items nice and neat, I used two of my favorite drawer dividers from iDesign. They are the perfect fit for this IKEA bin and gave me enough space to organize my tissue paper and spools of ribbon.


Top Compartment

The top insert has tons of great compartments for storing all of your wrapping accessories. It was a lot of fun to fill up!

Gift tags and greeting cards fit great, along with fun extras like baker’s twine and mini ornaments that I often tie on top of gifts.


I also outfitted these compartments with wrapping essentials like scissors, tape and pens.

Storing an assortment of pens and Sharpies inside your gift wrap bin makes it a breeze to write inside a greeting card or on a gift tag.

Rounding up tape and scissors for gift wrapping is always an annoyance so I made sure I have everything I need right inside this bin.

That includes a regular pair of scissors plus this handy wrapping paper cutter. And it also includes single and double-sided Scotch tape so I always have just what I need on hand. I also added this cool tape dispenser that’s really nice to have for wrapping gifts.


What To Put In A Gift Wrap Bin

What I store in my wrapping paper storage bin:

  • Gift Bags
  • Tissue Paper
  • Ribbon
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Wrapping paper cutter
  • Scotch tape – single and double-sided (I also love this tape dispenser for gift wrapping)
  • Washi tape
  • Pens
  • Gift tags
  • Greeting cards & envelopes
  • Fun holiday baubles to tie on top of gifts

How To Organize Wrapping Paper Rolls

The only gift wrap items I couldn’t fit inside my IKEA bin are wrapping paper rolls. I decided to store them in IKEA’s Klunka Laundry Bag.

I like this bag because it has tall sides to keep everything contained. The sturdy handles are also really nice for carrying the bag up and down the stairs.


The only downfall of this bag is that it doesn’t sit upright on its own so you have to lean it up against the wall. Not a big deal for me since I will always store it in the corner of a closet or in the basement.

But if that’s an annoyance to you, a tall trash can or bin also works great for storing wrapping paper rolls. Or you can purchase plastic containers specifically designed to hold rolls of paper.


Thanks for checking out my new wrapping paper storage bin! It’s been a great improvement and has been getting a lot of use these days. I love how easy it is to pack up and carry around the house.

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Have a fantastic day!

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