January 6, 2015  

Create A “Mom’s Favorites” Gift Basket

The next time you’re stumped for gift ideas your mom, how about creating your own “Mom’s Favorites” gift basket?

I had a difficult time coming up with a great gift idea for my mom this year. She tends to buy what she needs, and she doesn’t really need more stuff that just takes up space. So I decided to stop over thinking it and stick to the basics, and I came up with a big gift basket filled with all sorts of goodies that I knew she would enjoy.

I am really proud of how it turned out. I stuck to small items that didn’t cost very much so I could fill it with a whole lotta goodies without breaking the bank. And I ended up with a big basket filled to the brim with little surprises. I really like that it’s all things that she can actually use. Everything is practical, but also thoughtful because it was chosen just for her.

Gift Basket - Mom Favorites 2

Here’s a list of what you’ll need to create your very own “Mom’s Favorites” gift basket:

I included chocolates, a couple mini bottles of wine, popcorn, and a few packets of drink mixes (hot cocoa, apple cider and tea). Your mom will appreciate you including her favorite treats.

I added a bottle of hand lotion and in-shower moisturizer, chapstick, a new lipstick, a funky nail file, and hand warmers. The possibilities are endless here: nail polish, makeup, body wash, bath salts, lip gloss, lotions, cozy socks, perfume, etc.

I added in a few magazines I knew my mom would enjoy. You could include a new book, crossword or sudoku books, craft supplies, office supplies, a cute journal, etc.

Finally, add in a few pretty extras. I gave my mom a new pack of scented wax melts for her candle warmer along with a handmade ornament. Anything small works here. Maybe a nice candle, jewelry, new gloves, a scarf, or home decor.

I used a large shoe box (without the lid) and simply wrapped it with festive paper. You could also use a cute storage container, basket, mixing bowl, flower pot, etc.
You will also want some pretty tissue paper and ribbon to complete your gift.

Once you have gathered everything, it’s time to assemble. I like to place one sheet of tissue paper on the bottom of the container so it sticks over the sides a bit. Then start placing everything in the basket. I find it best to start with the larger/taller items at the back and work your way forward with the smaller items. Crumple up tissue paper to place under things to make them taller as needed. You could also use a drop of hot glue or glue dots to hold things in place. Finish off your basket with a pretty card or gift tag on top and, voila! You’re ready to delight your mom with a basket filled with her favorite things.

DIY Gift Basket For Mom



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