April 20, 2015  

Pretty Jewelry Display {30 Minute Organizing Challenge}

My jewelry never got unpacked after we moved this winter, so it was all tangled up in a box on my dresser. I decided I’d had enough and challenged myself to make it more organized in 30 minutes or less. I think we all too often avoid cleaning and organizing because the task seems so daunting. But if you focus on one small area and set a timer for 30 minutes, that seems doable, right?

I cleaned everything off of my dresser and then made a quick sweep around the house to gather some things I thought might be good for organizing and displaying things. And then I just got started. Here’s what I ended up with:


The caricature of us is from our honeymoon at Sea World. I love having it in a place where I see it every day. I swiped this little blue tea cup from the kitchen and it looks darling holding my pearls. I think the tea cup adds a touch of whimsy to my jewelry display.


These little bowls are a newer find from Target. They were calling my name. Target has tons of little bowls this size in the kitchen area. They come in so many cute patterns and colors! And they are perfect for corralling tiny things, like earrings.


This glass dish is a recent thrifty find. I think it’s maybe meant for relish or something, but I have so say it looks much prettier holding my necklaces than it would holding carrots.


I used a couple wine bottles to add some height to my display. They work great for holding bracelets.


I have a floor length mirror next to the dresser, so I hang my longer necklaces on it.


And there you have it. An organized jewelry display in under 30 minutes. I’m kicking myself for not taking a before picture! I have a habit of forgetting that step. Trust me, this looks three million times better. Now I can see all my jewelry and every morning feels like I’m shopping a boutique’s jewelry display.

What do you think? How do you organize your jewelry?


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