May 18, 2015  

Airy Blue Kitchen Retreat Mood Board

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I get a strange enjoyment out of creating mood boards. I like to combine all of my ideas and inspiration into one visual road map. It really helps me stay on track as I begin decorating a space. This is my mood board for our kitchen makeover. I have been working on it, trying to get it just right, for quite a while now. I finally chose a paint color (Valspar Blue Thunder) a few weeks ago and tackled the walls. From there, the rest of the mood board started to fall into place. Here’s a photo of our kitchen when we first moved in (before I painted the walls):

kitchen north

I love all of the sunlight and the white cabinets in our kitchen because they make the space feel so peaceful. The new paint has helped add a sense of calm and serenity to our kitchen, and the white cabinets really pop against the darker paint. Although I originally intended to incorporate a lot of bright colors into our kitchen, I’ve instead gone a different route using more calm, peaceful colors. I plan to sprinkle in fun accents using natural elements like green plants, wood, chrome, and gold.

Our kitchen isn’t overly large, but there is an empty corner that needs some attention (the counters and cupboards are all behind me in this photo):

Kitchen Blue Wall

I will be adding a small breakfast counter along the lower window, which looks out into our backyard. I am very eager to eat my bowl of cereal there every morning because the sunshine just pours in those windows. I also plan to add some shelving just to the left of the taller window where the ugly recycling bin currently resides. I’m hoping to disguise our red bin with a wood crate on casters…we’ll see how that turns out. I want to incorporate open shelving that will give me space to add in decor and also to store kitchen items for easy access.

What do you think of my mood board? Does this look liking a calming kitchen retreat to you? I don’t care for cooking all that much, but I sure hope that this makeover will make me want to spend more time in this room. What would you add? Comment below!
Kitchen Mood Board Airy Blue Retreat Small


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