May 13, 2015  

Home Update: Five Months In

We’ve been homeowners for over five months now, and I’m finally coming to terms with the fact that a home is not something that can be decorated overnight. I’ve also realized that I have a terrible habit of jumping around to a million different projects instead of focusing on one until it’s complete.

Today, I thought I’d take a couple minutes to tell you what I’m currently up to around the house. I, ahem, have projects underway in every room of the house. I’m hoping talking about the projects in three of the rooms will motivate me to finish something so I can show you the end result of my madness soon! (If you’re new here, take a look at the tour of our first home.)


I attacked our kitchen walls with paint a couple weeks ago. The beige was getting to me, so I finally made a paint color decision (thanks to those of you that chimed in with your color favorites on Facebook). I went with Valspar’s Blue Thunder. After the first few rolls of paint, I stepped back and had a slight panic attack. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the color! It was a bit more blue than I envisioned. But I figured I was pretty committed at that point so I just kept on rolling. And now that all the paint is dry, I am really enjoying it!

kitchen nook
Kitchen Blue Wall

This made a huge improvement to the look of our kitchen. I really like how the white cabinets and appliances pop against the dark paint. So I painted the walls in two days, but now it’s been more than two weeks and there are still touch-ups that need to be done. The paint and stepladder are just hanging out in the corner of the kitchen. Not sure why I haven’t just finished it already. I’m currently finishing up a mood board for the kitchen to help me narrow down what type of decor I want to incorporate plus I’m making plans for what to do with this empty corner. Stay tuned!


I had a free Saturday about two months ago where I just had the itch to paint, and for some reason I instantly decided I should paint over the ugly red concrete in my future craft studio in our basement. So I headed to ACE Hardware and picked up a beautiful dark grey floor paint. I excitedly got out my mop to clean the floor so I could start rolling paint over it. But before I even had the entire room mopped, I noticed the paint was starting to bubble up all over the place from the water. Yikes! The ugly red paint turned into ugly bubbling red paint! My afternoon project instantly turned into something much more involved.

After consulting my friend Google, I spent a couple chemical fume-filled nights stripping the red paint off the concrete. Then I cleaned the entire floor well with mineral spirits.The picture on the left shows the floor before I started, and the one on the right shows it in the middle of my scraping/cleaning mess.
craft   Basement Red Peeling Floor

The floor is finally prepped and ready for that grey paint! I’m hoping to start painting this weekend. This room looks like a disaster right now but it’s the room I’m most excited about in this house. I have such grand plans to turn it into a glamorous craft studio one day.



I haven’t actually done anything to the living room, but I’ve been spending a lot of time planning out the wall color and wall decor. I have officially decided to paint the walls the same light grey that I used in our dining room makeover. This is the next room on my painting to-do list, but it’s a little more involved to move all the furniture so I’m going to try to hold off on it until I have an extra hand and a block of free time.


So, there’s a little peek at what I’ve been up to. I’ve sure been keeping myself busy, but I hope to do a better job of channeling my energy into one room at a time. The kitchen will be the next up to be finished!




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