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How to create a space for creativity to flourish

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Everyone should have a space in their home where they feel inspired to be creative, so give yourself a designated space that gets those creative juices flowing. No matter how big or small your home is, make it a priority carve out room to let your creativity flourish. Here are some ideas on how to make that happen.

1. Designate a space
The first step is to have a designated creative space. Place a small table or desk under a window in the corner of your living room or maybe create some space in your guest bedroom. Identify a place in your home that will give you the energy and environment you need. Do you need a quiet place where you can shut the door to block out distractions? Do you prefer a view of the backyard? Carve out space that works for you.

image via Designer Trapped In A Lawyer's Body
image via Designer Trapped In A Lawyer’s Body

2. Keep supplies nearby
What supplies do you need for your creative projects? Make it as easy as possible on yourself by keeping everything within reach. Hide craft supplies in cute storage containers, display writing utensils on the desk, and make sure your computer charger is at the ready. That way you’ll spend less time gathering up supplies and more time actually creating.

image via Just Between Friends
image via Just Between Friends

3. Add some inspiration
Your creative space should inspire you. Include things that spark your imagination. Hang artwork and motivating quotes on the wall or place a stack of your favorite books on the desk. Add a plant or some music. You could also create an inspiration board for tacking up lovely things.

image via I Heart Organizing
image via I Heart Organizing

4. Display objects with a story
Add some of your own personality into the space by incorporating items that tell a story. Photos of your family, objects that have been passed down for generations, and that jar of shells from your vacation all tell a story. Weave in things that have meaning to you. These stories are can be triggers for creativity (and great conversation starters).

image via A Cup Of Mai
image via A Cup Of Mai

5. Make it comfortable
Don’t limit yourself to a traditional desk if that’s not your style. Make a creative space that’s comfortable and feels right to you. Add in a comfy chair for reading or writing, or include an ottoman so you can put your feet up under your desk.

image via 6th Street Design School
image via 6th Street Design School


What are your must-haves for designing a space at home that sparks your creative juices?

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  1. Aren’t they all so gorgeous, if only we could be creative and have nice spaces at the same time… it seems line an impossible dream. And I am the type of person that can’t function when it’s too messy, but lately that its exactly what has been happening..am I stretching the envelope? Is it too late and I am rambling?

    1. Thanks for visiting, Mary! The key is to get organized once and for all and then take care of your space. Things are certainly a lot less stressful for me when my home is in order.

  2. Somehow while poking around on your site, I realized I never saw this post! Office organizing is obviously on my mind right now!! This was just what I needed to read to get my mind running. 🙂

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