August 31, 2015  

Bust out the crayons, it’s coloring time!

I spent the other afternoon sprawled out on the living room floor coloring. Laying on the carpet with the sun streaming in the windows and a box of new crayons at my side is pure happiness for me. How about you?

I had a rough week last week and just needed an hour of fun. So I embraced my inner kid and colored. Coloring is a great stress reliever. I used to do it more in college, but haven’t colored much recently. It’s back to school time and I may not have any kids, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t pick up a classic pack of 50¢ Crayola crayons. Crayons are for adults, too!

I will confess that I spend far too much time eyeing all of the fun stuff in the school supply aisle of every store this time of year. I just love all the fresh notebooks and sharp crayons, the fun pencil pouches and colorful pens. Office supplies are totally a guilty pleasure of mine.

Creativity Coloring Sheet Free Printable

I encourage you to dig out some crayons, colored pencils or markers this weekend and do a little coloring yourself. It is incredibly relaxing to sprawl out on the floor or the kitchen table and color away. I designed you a pretty inspirational coloring sheet that you can print out and color. And just in case yours doesn’t turn out so swell or you just want the pretty artwork to frame, I’m also giving you a free pre-colored download that you can simply print and hang in a frame for instant artwork.

Coloring is a fantastic stress reliever for adults! Download this free coloring sheet.

Coloring is a fantastic stress reliever for adults! Download this free coloring sheet.

Embrace your inner kid and do some coloring this weekend. Enjoy!

>> Click here to download the FREE coloring sheet printable.

>> Click here to download the FREE printable artwork.

Coloring is a fantastic stress reliever for adults! Download this free coloring sheet.   This printable art would look great in a fun frame in my craft room or office.

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    1. I’m so glad you visited, Alexandra! I just love coloring and I bet you’ll enjoy it as well. Coloring books should be readily available for all ages, in my opinion. Happy coloring!

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