A Free Thanksgiving Mad Lib Printable

If you’re hosting or planning a Thanksgiving gathering this year, have you given any thought to activities to keep guests entertained while they wait for dinner to be served?

I like to bring games along to family gatherings so we have something fun to do together. I created a Thanksgiving mad lib that we could do while sitting around the table. The nice part is that it’s entertaining for a wide range of ages!

Thanksgiving Mad Lib free download

As I was writing this mad lib the other day, I discovered that I really enjoy creating little rhymes for things like this. I hope you have some good laughs as you go around the table and read aloud your rhyming mad libs. Here’s how mine turned out (it’s more fun when you read it out loud):

Need a quick & easy activity to do at your Thanksgiving gathering? This mad lib is fun for many ages + good for keeping people entertained while waiting for food

Not sure what a mad lib is? Basically, one side of the worksheet has a list of things you need to think of and write in. So for a noun, you might write down “PIE” and for an exclamation, you might write down “HOORAY”.

Once you fill in all the blanks, you or another person flips it over and fills your answers into the blanks in the story. To get the laughter going, go around the room and have everyone read their completed rhyme out loud.

Need a quick & easy activity to do at your Thanksgiving gathering? This mad lib is fun for many ages + good for keeping people entertained while waiting for food

I know you have a lot on your mind with all the cleaning and cooking to do before your guests arrive, but take a couple minutes to print this Thanksgiving mad lib for your guests to enjoy.

Click here to download the free Thanksgiving Mad Lib printable

It’s double-sided, so you’ll want to print the first page and then put it back in your printer to print page two on the backside. I made two to a page, so once they’re printed you can simply cut them in half.

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I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family and friends!


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