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14 Gifts For Babies

Wondering what to buy a baby? Here’s a list of 14 ideas for gifts for babies. Happy gifting! 

Check out this list of gifts for babies! Great variety of baby gift ideas for Christmas, baby showers and newborn gifts.

Shopping for baby gifts can be completely overwhelming. After all, what does a tiny baby really need? Our little girl will be about eight weeks old on Christmas and I’ve been contemplating what kind of present to give her. It’s not like she’ll remember anyway, but it’s still fun to give her something!

Since I’ve also had some family members ask for baby gift ideas, I thought I’d put together a quick baby gift guide with ideas for baby’s first year. This list is a mix of our absolute favorite baby gifts we’ve already received along with some things that come highly recommended by friends that I’ve added to Chloe’s wish list.

You really can’t go wrong buying cute baby things, but here are my top picks in case you’re looking for ideas for gifts for babies in their first year – these are perfect for Christmas, baby showers, bringing to the hospital, etc. I’ve included ideas at a variety of price ranges to give you lots of options!

collage graphic with 14 gift ideas for babies in their first year

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  1. Bouncer – We have one of these and it’s where Chloe hangs out a lot during the day! She loves chilling in here and it was repeatedly recommended to me by other moms when I was putting together our baby registry. It’s super comfy for baby and doesn’t take up much space when not in use.
  2. Swaddle Blankets – Babies can never have too many blankets! These are super soft and come in tons of cute patterns.
  3. Wrist Rattles – I know my baby would love these little rattles! Babies are learning to move their arms and legs so adding noisemakers is very fun for them. I also like that this gift is small so it won’t add to the toy clutter.
  4. Play Mat – Tummy time is good for babies and ours loves this play mat. It has fun toys that clip to it, including a mirror which all babies love.
  5. Soft Books – I don’t think kids can ever have enough books! I came across this Jellycat series and they look like a ton of fun! I can see Chloe grabbing all of those fuzzy tails when she gets a bit older.
  6. Shampoo / Lotion / Balm – If you’re not sure what to give a baby, you can’t really go wrong with toiletries.
  7. Diapers – Everyone knows babies can never have enough diapers.
  8. Plush Pacifier Holder – How cute is this? My baby could use one of these to help her hang onto her pacifier.
  9. Handprint Ornament Kit – These ornaments would make a great keepsake for baby’s first Christmas.
  10. White Noise Machine – This is on our wish list! A white noise machine has been recommended to me over and over again by other parents.
  11. Christmas Jammies – Babies pretty much live in their pajamas. We prefer jammies with a zipper because they are so much easier to take on and off than ones with those little snaps.
  12. Blooming Bath – This is such a nifty baby gift! We have one and use it for all of Chloe’s baths. It makes a bath in the sink super comfy and I think it’s much easier to use than bending over the bathtub. This company also makes amazingly soft washcloths and towels that would be good add-ons to this gift if you want to spend a little more.
  13. Teething Toy – Any type of teething toys make good gifts for babies.
  14. Diaper Changing Clutch – We keep this clutch in our diaper bag and it’s super handy for quick diaper changes on the go. It’s a practical baby gift the parents will appreciate.

I hope this list gave you some good gift ideas for babies!

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Happy gift giving!

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