January 28, 2015  

Room Reveal: Wood-paneled blah to bold blue voila!

I am so excited to finally show you the progress I’ve made in our dining room! When we bought our house a few months ago, we started with a dining room covered in wood paneling and dusty floral curtains. It had potential with the wood floor and a nice wood hutch in the corner, but this was immediately the first room I wanted to make over because I cannot handle eating in wood-paneled blah. I showed you my mood board a while back and now you get to see how it turned out. Here are before and after pictures…

Bold Blue Dining Room Title

I ended up painting an accent wall in the bold blue color (Clark & Kensington Artistic Blue) and the other three walls in a light grey (Clark & Kensington Garden Stone). The grey came out lighter than I expected, but it looks bright and clean. I painted right over all of the wood paneling and it turned out great. I made sure to fill in all the nail holes and used a bit of painter’s caulk to fill in any gaps around the edges. I’m really happy with how it turned out. The paint went on smoothly and I like the paneled texture now that it’s covered in nice colors.


I really like the hutch in the corner. It has great display space and plenty of drawers for storage. I left it as is for now to see how I like the wood, but one day I will probably paint the entire thing. I am going to experiment with adding new knob hardware to the drawers and a colorful, temporary background to the shelves. That might do the trick of livening it up without covering up the wood.

Bold Blue Dining Room 15

This room has a nice window that lets in a lot of light in the afternoons. That curtain was a $2.00 find at Goodwill a while back and I already had the curtain rod. The painting of the cityscape is original work from my super artistic sister, Amy. (Check out her Etsy shop.) The painting is a temporary filler on that big wall, since I plan to add a gallery wall of some sort there. I’m just trying to decide what type of gallery wall I want to incorporate–stay tuned for updates!


Bold Blue Dining Room 8

The trim in this room was all mismatched. Some was a murky white and other pieces were cheap pine. I painted all of the trim in Clark & Kensington Designer White and look forward to slowly painting the rest of the trim in the house to match.

Bold Blue Dining Room 1

By the way, I bought that bottle of wine specifically for the cuteness of the label. I’m a sucker for pretty paper. And I figured I couldn’t go wrong with the wine, either 🙂

Bold Blue Dining Room 18

Bold Blue Dining Room 11

Bold Blue Dining Room 12I also have some work to do on the empty wall space above my bar cart area. I am thinking of adding a floating shelf that I can hang wine glasses from, but I may just hang some artwork I already have for now since my goal is to work with what I have rather than buying anything new. The only things I purchased for this makeover was the clock and a couple gallons of paint. The other thing I plan to purchase eventually is a new light fixture. There is currently a builder-grade light in here and I’d love to replace it with something more interesting.

You’ll notice the ugly pine doors in this room – there are two doorways into the room plus the door to our cedar closet. I eventually plan to paint all of the doors in our house a really dark grey, but I want to tackle them all at once. Plus, I’m not convinced I really need doors in this room so I may end up removing them all together.

Bold Blue Dining Room 3

Bold Blue Dining Room 4

I bought these ball vase fillers at Walmart a while back. I had them in a boring bowl and wasn’t really loving them, but I really like how they look here in this fruit bowl. We use the table quite a bit for crafting, paperwork and board games in addition to eating, so it’s nice to have a small centerpiece that’s not in the way and can be moved easily.

Bold Blue Dining Room 2

In case you’re wondering, that awesome clock is a Hobby Lobby find from a while back. I bought it before we even put an offer on this house, and it’s been patiently waiting in its box since then. I love how it pops against the blue and adds a focal point to that wall.

Bold Blud Dining Room 7

Bold Blue Dining Room 17

Bold Blue Dining Room Title 2

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  1. I love this room! Literally everything about it is perfect. Also the one by one room reveal is really keeping me on the edge of my seat 🙂

    1. You’re going to be on the edge of your seat for a while, because I have a lot of rooms to go and it’s going to take me a long time to get to all of them!

  2. Emily, I just love the blue! You are so brave to try a color this bold and it totally works for the space! Sometimes I wish we had brighter colors on the walls in the house but my husband prefers neutrals. I try and add splashes of colors by adding pillows, blankets, and other home decor. Can’t wait to see what else you do with your first house!

    1. Thanks Brittany! My husband is always skeptical of my decorating plans, but I think he’s okay with how it turned out. Using smaller accessories are great ways to add color to a room without committing to a bright paint.

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